So as of Monday the 4th I’ll be posting pics for the Pelikan International Instagram feed. I’m really looking forward to it.

Sine I traded away my white Stormtrooper M100 I only have one Pelikan. It’s my vintage 50s Pelikan 400 with a medium semi flex that I bought off Richard Binder’s pen tray. Great pen. I’ve only got one Pelikan ink too–the Edelstein Topaz. One ink and one pen for seven days of pictures.

I’m excited though. It’ll be a fun challenge and I’ve already drafted some fun things to write in my posts. I really love that pen and look forward to showing it off. It’s got signs of age and wear but it’s still beautiful.

What do you think about the pen companies’ presence in social media?


  1. Writingrav

    Just received your letter and decided to check out the blog. Looks great. No wonder you’re so busy-Ira

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks Ira! It’s pretty fun for sure. Looking forward to your reply–I won’t be as tardy with mine this time


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