Edison Menlo with Draw Filler

This video is something of an update to my original Menlo review which can be found here.  I still love the pen but now perhaps even more since the original pump filler has been replaced with the new Edison draw filler. 

The original diaphragm in my pen failed so I had sent it back to Edison Pens for service and got an invite from Brian to beta test a new filler that was more resilient. I jumped at the opportunity and here we are. 

Personally I think this is a vast improvement on the Parker Vacumatic design with the only very slight inconvenience that this filler requires two handed operation. The piston seal is made up of chemically resistant o-rings instead of a failure prone latex diaphragm. This means you don’t have to worry so much about harsher inks causing your pen to fail–with the obvious caveat that you can still stain a clear ink window. 

The filler works great and has a slightly increased capacity up to 2ml from 1.7ml. The piston rod is now anodized aluminum instead of the brass used in the pump filler. I think this was a good choice and the lighter filler may slightly move the balance more towards the nib. I never noticed this pen being in any way unbalanced before so take that for what it’s with. 

Edison’s announcement with video can be seen here. A big thanks to Brian for letting me be a beta tester. It was hard but I kept my lips sealed. 🙂


  1. Brian Gray

    Thanks for posting! Enjoy!

  2. Hector Acosta

    How do I get my hands on something like this beauty. Thanks for posting

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Go to edisonpen.com and look for contact page. I believe a pen like mine with a gold nib is $450 or $350 for steel. It’s a Menlo in blue and gold striated acrylic with a blue ink window. Enjoy!


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