Edison Collier Persimmon Swirl

Hey everyone! This one is gonna be super short today because I’ve already reviewed this pen but in a different colour. Everything I wrote and said about that pen remains true to this pen. 

In that first review I had mentioned I wanted the Persimmon Swirl finish and a viewer who had bought and enjoyed pens on my recommendation decided to gift this pen to me as a way of thanking me. Absolutely happy to oblige. Thank you Chris–too generous. 

And I love this pen exactly as much as I thought I would. The material is absolutely stunning and I often find it distracts me from writing–I just turn in in the light and get lost in the swirly chatoyance. Shimmer shimmer!

Nice big pen and beautifully made. As usual the fit and finish are perfect and a testament to the hard work of all the folks at Edison Pens.

The fine steel nib on this pen is perfectly adjusted for a super smooth ride and a wet line. Really lovely to use and the line is pretty thick for a fine–almost medium perhaps. 

Not much more to say. If you were going to get yourself one Edison pen, this would be a very good choice. 


  1. Brian Gray

    Thanks for posting!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers Brian. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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