Stipula Speed

Pretty pen but not sure about many of the design decisions. It doesn’t live up to its name either. More about that below.

It comes in a big red box like all Stipula pens I’ve seen but this one only comes with the warranty and user information and nothing else because this pen has an integrated piston. More like integrated (captive) converter from other reviews I’ve read. It also makes sense because the ink capacity seems pretty small –comparable to that of a converter. This frustrates me for a number of reasons.
The main draw of converters for me (my favourite filling system) is that they are easily and cheaply replaced if they fail, they allow you to quickly check your ink level by separating barrel and section plus the convenience of using cartridges when on the road. Heck–even being able to remove the converter so you can use a bulb syringe for cleaning is awesome. None of this is possible with a captive converter. It’s dumb–you sacrifice all the benefits of a converter to have a cheap filling system with a small capacity. I judge all pen makers who do this.

The look of this pen is meant to conjure images of sleek classic Italian sports cars and I think it’s a pretty daring design and looks quite sharp. Lots of curves and metal trim. The cap magnetically closes onto the pen and I found makes the nib prone to dry out and hard starting. The pen does not post and I’m ok with that. Then there are the ridges….
Oh the ridges. This is what makes the pen slow. Because you dunk the nib in ink to fill the pen, the ribbed section gets dirty and those little ridges hold tons of ink and are hard to get clean. If they had to use a ribbed section, why not make it black? As you can see in the video filling this pen is somewhat of a disaster. After the video I used a number of wet cotton swabs to clean up the ridges but it took some time and my fingers were so inky!

The nib is great. It’s steel and is one of the better Stipula nibs I’ve used out of the box. It’s a finer medium and has a nice amount of feedback but not toothy. Don’t know if this nib is enough to save the pen. I might try selling it.
What do you think? Thanks for reading!


  1. Dennis

    I feel the same way about captured converters: they offer the disadvantages of both a converter and an integrated piston, with the advantages of neither.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      That’s the exact sentiment I was trying to get out in both the written and video reviews but it was like word math and I forgot to carry the one. Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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