Lamy Studio Royal Red

I won! I won this pen actually from the good folks at a few years back. It was a very generous prize for a random draw and so generous in fact that they gave TWO of them away! 🙂 if i remember right they gave away some bottles of ink too. They are a super great company so definitely check their site out and get yourself a Studio and some J. Herbin Rouge Hematite to put in it and while you are there get a TWSBI ink bottle to put your ink in. Had to plug these guys–they’re great.

So yeah. The pen comes in a black and silver box exactly identical to the one the Lamy 2000 comes in. It comes with lots of papers and a cartridge as well as the installed z26 converter. The packaging is understated and effective.

As for design this one is sleek and modern. The snap cap makes for an almost seamless transition from cap to barrel and a slight step to accomplish this. Cap and barrel are a satiny matte finish enamel on (probably) brass. It gives the pen a good heft and a substantial feel. As mentioned in the video the enamel is prone to chipping at the edges so be careful of that. The pen has come finish flat cap top and barrel end and a brief chrome propeller clip that is effective and unlike that of any other pen. The clip is definitely the defining feature of this pen.

Section is smooth highly polished chrome and super slick. Some may not like this. I’m not really a fan. Then we have the nib–the star of the show. Broad in my case and all the Royal Red studios came with a 14k two-tone nib. It’s a magnificent writer and interchangeable with Safari or Al-Star nibs. It’s got a touch of spring and had a bit of baby’s bottom in the beginning but persistence wore the nib into a more reliably performing shape. Nob is fed by a plastic feed and decent converter. Not much to report there.

I think the new Red Rubin Lamy Studio is more of a gloss coloured and has different packaging. It is also available with a steel nib and the gold variant comes with a bottle of Lamy ink. Of course has this pen ready to go for you. 🙂

So yeah. I like the Lamy Studio. If I were to collect a Lamy pen it would be this one. But I won’t. I’d rather have more Parkers. 🙂 Do you have a Studio? Do you like the section?


  1. dr pratap

    Gd review:)
    My studio s ok ok (which I got from germany). I feel pelikans and safari are better.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment. I like Pelikans more but don’t understand the draw to Safaris myself.


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