Montblanc 147R LeGrand Traveler

So I’m back! Freshly married and slightly tanned from an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica and now that things are settling down I can get back to the pen reviews. Sorry about the delay. This review and the next two were all shot back in early November. Things just got crazy busy as they do the month of your wedding.

Disclaimer: In the video I use a fresh Rhodia blank A5 pad. I actually realize the paper is a little different than the dot pads I was using before. In the video the pen skips but on other paper and on the dot pad I bought to replace this one, it doesn’t. Weird that they use different paper for different rulings or whatever. So yeah, this pen doesn’t skip at all and is one of the most dependable writers I own.
I got a crazy good deal on this pen as the eBay seller was sloppy and posted pictures of a 144R along with the correct 147R pics. Also the seller didn’t show that the pen had the M sticker still on it denoting a medium nib and that the pen had never been inked. All original 8 black (and quite dehydrated) ink cartridges were included along with the pen leather. The R is for the red or Bordeaux colour of the pen. It makes it slightly more collectible than the regular black version
The name of the pen is LeGrand Traveler meaning it’s the exact same size as a 146 LeGrand but is designed as cartridge only as opposed to a piston to make it more convenient on the road. I can attest that this pen is a perfect travel companion and is the only pen I took on my honeymoon. It was great with customs forms and postcards alike. 🙂 Also the included pen leather adds value and convenience. It securely holds the pen along with three extra cartridges on either side and is adorned with the iconic white snow cap star emblem. Mine is a little stiff with age but with some leather conditioner and use it should soften up in time.

The pen is cartridge only and can neither use a converter nor is one included. The cartridge caddy design is what makes converters impossible. Since I really like Montblanc inks, I’m not really bothered by this. The caddy design makes inserting cartridges foolproof and accommodates a spare in the barrel without it being able to rattle around. Since Montblanc cartridges are sold in eight packs it’s perfect–two in the pen and six in the leather for later.
The construction of the pen is superior and without flaw. The plastic (precious resin) has a super high quality feel to it and somehow feels of better quality than copycat pens from Pilot, Platinum or Sailor. The depth of colour in the Bordeaux series is wonderful and looks so great with the gold trim. You’ve got the triple band design on the cap and the classic washer clip. It looks identical to the 146 LeGrand with the exception being an obvious lack of ink window.
The nib is top notch and my medium writes a little fine. It’s perfectly smooth and has sufficient flow to enable a flawless writing experience every time (except for in the video as earlier mentioned) and I can say this pen is perfect for business and travel.

The147 Traveler is often overlooked but I think it’s a great compliment to the entire Meisterstück line. Any fans out there?

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