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Second review out in less than seven days! I did it!! So guys, I’m gonna spill the beans a little right here straight away–the video runs a little long. :-/ sorry.  I’ll try to be more concious of the clock on future videos.  And hey, maybe you just want to see the pen and can fast forward through the blah blah blah bits–my feelings won’t be hurt.

No box!! I’m really sorry. This pen came in a box but I can’t find it for the life of me.  I looked for it for the second time actually as I wanted the slip inside to register it with Bexley and the second time for this review.  I plan to review more of my Bexley’s in the future and they all have the same box so stay tuned!

I’m listening too–I filled (or tried to) fill the pen in the video and had the pen lined up with others for size comparison.  Hope this helps.


So what is it? Well, this pen is made by Bexley–an American bench-made pen company that’s been around for a little over 20 years as of this posting and currently based in Columbus, Ohio.  They’ve been around quite a while and there are surprisingly few posts about them online.  They were started by pen enthusiasts and make modern plens that are classic inspired if that makes any sense.  Beautiful craftsmanship and this pen doesn’t fall short in that department.

This is a pocket pen, now discontinued, that came in three colours and takes standard mini international cartridges.  As I found out in the video it also accepts the templar converter but not the Kaweco squeeze converter. The remarkable thing about this pen is the nib size.  It’s a full-on number six and is glorious!  Bexley nibs are German made and fantastic quiality.  Gold or steel they write well and come with no set-up issues.  (at least the five pens I’ve bought are like that)


The size of the pen is worth mentioning too–it goes from 11.1cm capped to 18.4cm posted.  I guess this is the true definition of a long-short pen. It’s light too weighing in at barely 16g.  The balance is great even with the big washer clip–and I FIXED THE CLIP!! It just was rotated out of line with the nib–the pen posts with threads so when it’s fully on the clip lines up with the nib.  Mine was out of allignment but fully fixed now.  Oopsie.


The nib also does actually produce a bit of flex. It’s quite springy–but to be honest I haven’t seen many of these around with the 18k nibs.  I guess since Bexley nibs (like Edison) are interchangeable you could always upgrade it to 18k later.


If you’re dying to get your hands on this pen, Richard’s Pens still has at least one in red like mine in the Barbara’s Attic section of his site.  He does as of this writing and I’ll edit this post if I see it’s sold out.  Otherwise there’s always the Bay.

Can I think of anything I don’t like about this pen? Not really.  I actually think it’s the perfect pocket pen and really enjoy using it.  For the record I’m not a fan of the templar converter and likely won’t use it in this pen again–but it does work.  Good to know.

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