Waterman L’Étalon in Cascade Green ST

I have absolutely no idea why Waterman stopped making this pen. It’s magnificent. This model was discontinued in the 90s I believe so it’s somewhat modern. Mine came from eBay as new old stock and had never been inked.

I guess these are not that well known or well regarded? A seller on eBay that is purchased Carène through had a few of these listed and none of them were bid on enough to make it above his relatively low reserve. I really don’t understand that because modern Watermans with 18k nibs are so great and most of their current lineup are focussed on steel nibs. They’re beautiful but I find it hard to go way north of the $100 mark and not get a gold nib. I guess it’s because of stupid high gold prices. Sad. Anyway,the public’s ignorance of or disdain for this model means the seller reached out to me on a DM and offered it to me below his reserve and at a price so good it could not be refused. It was also a birthday present to myself. 🙂
So the pen–L’Étalon translates into The Stallion which makes me giggle. The only equine quality of this pen is it’s weight maybe? It’s a lacquered brass pen so it has a considerable heft to it. The weight (38g according to someone who wasn’t too lazy to get out their scale) makes the pen a little fatiguing for longer writing sessions. The pen came in a bunch of rich dark lacquers and textured gold and silver patterned finishes as well. Mine is a deep green called ‘cascade green’ for some reason and has silver colour trim.

The design of the pen is quite unique and I can’t think of another pen that looks similar. The cap snaps on for easy single handed use and closes securely with an audible snap due to two little clips tucked into where the section meets the body. The clip has the signature Waterman slot in it and wraps around the top of the cap leaving the cap top exposed with the same cap colour showing through if that makes any sense. Watch the video to see what I mean. There’s a thick cap band with a matching lacquered hexagon in the middle.
The body of the pen is smooth lacquered brass again with no threads for cap but a slight step down between the body and section. This way the cap is flush with the body when closed. There’s a little bit of a taper to the end of the body and a flattened silver end bit. (Sorry for excessive technical terms). The cap posts deeply and securely but I wouldn’t do this for fear of scratching and chipping the lacquer
The nib. It’s fantastic and really really big. I also find it oddly broad shouldered and has strange scroll thingies. That said it performs very well. I’ve only used the decades old cartridge that came with it so far but the flow is great and it writes very smoothly. A converter is included for filling from bottles.

Overall–a great pen. I’m very happy with it and might like to get another in a different colour and with a broad nib. What do you think of it?


  1. Sharon A.

    I got my Waterman E’talon from Susan Wirth at the LA Pen Show a couple of years ago. Mine is Canyon Brown with a cursive italic 18K nib. It’s a great pen. Nice to see it get some love!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Oooh nice! Canyon brown looks pretty. Yeah–totally underrated pen. Thanks for reading!

  2. Pentulant

    Finally getting caught up on some reading. Beautiful pen, Gerald.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks! I’m a big fan. Totally underrated pen.


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