Waterman Carène Silver Meridians

I bought this pen and shot the review way before my wedding and I got married a month ago so yeah. I’m a little behind on my reviews. I’m getting caught up though so I’m excited to shoot some new pen reviews later this week with some exciting new acquisitions.

As mentioned in the video this is my fourth Carène so obviously I like it. It came out some time in the 90s of last century and has endured in Waterman’s catalogs even until today getting lots of neat colour combinations and special editions along the way. The design was inspired my sailboats and has a very streamlined and stylish look. A very fashionable pen.

This pen is one of those special editions– the Silver Meridians collection. Instead of lacquer on brass the pen has sterling silver playing on brass and weighs in at 36 grams. I don’t find the heft makes this pen particularly fatiguing but I never write for more than a few pages with any one pen. I always carry many and like switching them out.
The pen is quite long and slender and while all Carènes post deeply and securely I always worry about metal on metal or lacquer marring or chipping the finish so I just don’t do it

The jewel on the barrel end is slanted and aligned with the nib and if for some reason your alignment is out it can be adjusted with a little bit of metal threaded on the section threads. I’ve had to do this a few times but it’s quite easy.

Inside the pen you’ll find the proprietary Waterman converter used on all modern Waterman pens. It works well and I have no complaints about it. It is included with the pen. Cap the pen with a snap and you’ll see the slender streamlined design continue as the cap tapers to a point and features a slotted and spring loaded clip. Very functional.
The 18k inlaid nib is the star of the show on this pen. For this one its a rhodium (not ruthenium like I mentioned in the video) medium nib. I find my fingers can get a little inky sometimes as they slide down the section but this nib is only slightly more difficult to manage than most. You can coax a little bit of spring out of this nib but not much. Performance is perfect and every Carène I’ve used has been well tuned out of the box. Also available in a factory stub for those of you who go bonkers for those

I used this pen with Diamine Registrar’s Ink at my wedding and my bride and two witnesses and I used it to sign the marriage license. It’s a super elegant pen and well suited to this task. It will now always be a special part of my collection.

I know I promised a before and after shot of the ink when fresh and dried but the photos of that got lost when changing phones. Oops and yay new phone! I had other great photos of this pen but yeah. Oops. Video shows all though right? Thanks for stopping by!

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