Ken Cavers Clipless Cigar

Ok. I have to say this right now. I know how to say JoWo (pronounced yovo) as I lived near Germany for six years. No idea why I said it incorrectly four times on the review video. Sorry. Please don’t make too much fun of me. Also sorry about the random construction sounds in the background. It’s my life. :-/

So I got this pen from Ken back in November and it’s been inked ever since. I inked it with MB Corn Poppy Red and used it for my wedding thank you cards. 🙂 amazing pen. Of course after a two month hiatus from making review videos it’s one of the first I reached for.

Here’s Ken’s page showcasing this pen. (With more pretty pictures)
Ken is a physician in wintery Winnipeg who for the last few years has been turning pens in his free time and began taking orders for custom pens with his bamboo looking design being one of the most popular. After several gorgeous pens started popping up in social media and in blog reviews his queue quickly grew to over two years in length and as of this writing is now closed. Be sure to check in on his blog periodically to see if he opens it again because if you can get one, you definitely want one of these beauties in your collection.
As described by Dr. Cavers himself the pen is made from a four colour Alumilite pour called Fall Foliage. It’s a super lovely material with hypnotic swirls of colour and deep pearlescence and nacre. It’s perfect with the clean and simple lines of the clipless cigar shape. The shape of the pen reminds me of the Nakaya Portable Cigar and is just so esthetically pleasing.

A steel broad JoWo nib has been fitted into this pen and smoothed and tuned perfectly by Dr. Ken. The pen writes so well that when I brought it out to Pens and Pints on Friday folks just couldn’t get enough of it and I heard comments to the effect of ‘best steel nib ever.’ Yep. It’s awesome. The section is comfortable and the threads are low profile and don’t get in the way.
A converter is included and the pen has an overall super-premium feel. Machining is perfect and it’s impossible to find a flaw with this pen. Because Ken has been doing this as a hobby and not a career, his prices are rock bottom when compared to other custom pen turners. Ken’s work is of such great quality that he could easily make it a full time job but then again, we need doctors too right? IMG_1229.JPG


  1. pentulant

    Finally got around to watching the video a few days ago. What a beautiful writing instrument. I love the colors.

    Your comments about the construction were fun 😉

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