Delta Dolce Vita Slim

My first Delta! I’m a big fan of the look of this pen and you’re probably very used to seeing it in my Instagram feed as it makes it into rotation often. I highly recommend this pen.

As you may remember, I also have the Delta Dolce Vita Oro Oversize which is a monstrously big and girthy pen. Delta pens tend to be a bit big so compared to that pen this is indeed slim but compared to others I’d say this is a regular sized pen. I find it very comfortable to write with for long sessions and it is well balanced posted or not. I think this size would be ideal for most people.
I can’t say enough about Delta orange resin. It’s so special–designed to resemble sunset in Tuscany or something like that. I don’t know–it glows. Photos don’t capture it well but it’s stunning and in my opinion is the best looking flagship pen out there. I would take a Parker Duofold Centennial over a Delta for how I like the pen overall but the Delta is the prettiest. 🙂

The trim on this pen is sterling silver. The centre band has a Pompeii inspired design and the clip has a very functional rolling wheel. Cap top silver medallion and silver rings finish off this pen making it a very well appointed piece. Beautiful and bilingual Italian design but not too gaudy. Not for me anyway.
The nib was dry out of the box. Really dry. I hated it and that broke my heart because I loved the pen otherwise. I tried a brass shim to open it and that didn’t really help as the nib just sprang back to its tight slitted shape. This past November I took the pen to Scriptus and had a nib meister open it up a bit. It’s a wet gusher now and maybe a bit too toothy. I’ll bring it next year and get it smoothed a bit

My Oro was a firehouse out of the box so I guess nibs can vary a bit. Keep that in mind I guess. That about does it for this pen. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Pentulant

    I have only a couple of Delta fountain pens, but really like the ones I have. It’s too bad that you had such a terrible experience with the seller of the one. This is gorgeous – love the color and it really looks like it’s comfortable to hold, too.


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