Lamy Dialog 3

Welcome back to for another fountain pen review. My name is Gerald and I’m super glad you could make it. Get comfortable, have some coffee or tea and let’s have a look at the Dialog 3. 

I think we should start off with the overall design. This pen has a very destinctive look and so much so that the dude whose brainchild this is has his photo in the pen’s pamphlet. Watch the video below where I make his photo talk. I also give more thoughts on the pen. 

This is a retractable nib design with a very clever twist mechanism that gives a satisfying click when the nib is extended or retracted. There seems to be quite a lot of engineering into this action. For one the nib unit with cartridge or converter threads into the clipped half of the body so that the nib is properly aligned with the clip every time. Then the back part of the body threads onto the from perfectly so the two decorative pin stripes line up. Perfectly cut threads and very solid and tight build.

The clip is spring loaded and when the nib is extended the clip retracts into the pen body a bit to make it more flush. The recess where the nib extends from also has a polished chrome ball type stopper that rotates out of the way when the nib pops out. It seems to do a very good job of sealing off the nib when closed. Even after several days without use the pen starts up right away on the first stroke every time.

This mechanism seems way more elegant and complex compared to the Pilot Capless / Vanishing Point and I think that explains why this pen is priced higher than that and also higher than the iconic Lamy 2000

Speaking of price, I got mine through Massdrop which is something like a group buy website. Because of buying power of bulk orders it was a way to save a ton of money and get the pen way below MSRP. If you haven’t used Massdrop, check it out and search for ‘fountain pen’ as they seem to regularly do drops of these and other awesome pens.

The pen comes in two colours–a matte aluminum looking finish and a matte black. The pen is all metal and weighs in at a hefty 46 grams. It’s well balanced and the centre of balance is closer to the nib making it very comfortable to write with. It’s quite thick and reminds me of a cigar tube. I didn’t find the clip placement bothersome at all. It’s quite low profile. 

The nib is fantastic of course. It’s 14k two-tone and buttery smooth. It’s the exact same shape as the Safari, Al Star or Studio nibs so they are all interchangeable. I guess it would look cool to put a black nib on the black Dialog 3 but you wouldn’t catch me replacing gold for steel. The nib writes very well with no performance issues and is quite a lot bigger than the Pilot Capless / Vanishing Point nibs.

My out-of-the-box experience wasn’t perfect and I detail that in the video. This pen is really cool and I’m glad I have it. The way the nib pops out is an attention getter and a great feature. I don’t think I’ll be reselling this one anytime soon. 🙂

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