Pelikan Classic M200 Café Crème

i just had to. When I saw this pen in Pelikan’s online announcement I knew it was going to happen. I love the colour combination of this pen. Rich cream, deep brown and gold. It even looks delicious. 

I also think I was one of the first people to get one in Canada. @molly1220 on Instagram posted a picture of hers in mid February and after I asked about it was kind enough to refer me to the store she got it from in Taipei. 

It seemed last month that Tylee were the only people shipping this pen and they had the best price I could find anywhere. Using Chrome’s built in translator I tried ordering through their site but it didn’t complete so I tried my luck and wrote to them in English through their ‘contact us’ link. They promptly responded with a quote including shipping and a credit card form. I filled everything out and the pen was shipped promptly. 

Incidentally this shop has some great special edition pens available including the Lucky 8 Parker Duofold. I had to use great restraint. 

My pen arrived quite quickly–about a week after ordering and was perfectly packed. I would definitely order from Tylee again. Maybe I’ll snag that Duofold if they still have it in a year. 

I got the medium nib because the store only had EF. F and M in stock but this pen is also available in broad and I think it has a stub or italic option too. While the pen was in transit to me I went to Richard’s Pens and ordered a 14k two tone oblique double broad M400 nib to put in the pen to make it an absolute dream machine. Big thanks to my friend Amanda who helped me save on the shipping. I hate how so many US retailers refuse to ship First Class International. 

The pen arrived before the nib by a few days so I inked it up with the steel medium and made a mess as you saw in the video. The pen is small but comfortable to use especially when posted. Dimensions are identical to my vintage Pelikan 400 from the 50s. This is an ideal medium pen. Materials feel great and the whole pen feels very high quality. Great value for the price. 

It fills via an integrated piston that is friction fit into the pen so you’re not going to be pulling it out to regrease it. Best way to do that will be by unscrewing the nib unit and going in through the front door with a toothpick or something similar. The pen has a tinted ink window that is covered when capped. Very nice. The filling system works well and holds a good amount of ink which worked out well with such a juicy nib going in it. 

The nib that I got with it is hands down the nicest steel medium nib I’ve ever used. I almost for a second regretted having ordered the gold nib for it. I’m definitely keeping the medium nib and might swap it back into the pen from time to time. Very wet and smooth. Perfection. 

And now the icing on the cake. 🙂 The 14k OBB nib came and I grabbed my camera and installed it while filming. It’s perfect and gives very nice line variation being slightly italic and tons of shading. The two tone nib itself is gorgeous and well tuned or “Binderized” though I’m sure the nib didn’t need it.

By the way, Richard still has some OBBs left at a very good price. It’s an M400 nib but is compatible with the M200 line as well. 

So that’s it. I love this pen and I hope you get yourself one. Such a beauty. 

Great selection of M200 fountain pens at Pen Chalet.


  1. Rob Maguire

    I love the review and after touching it -wow it’s a beautiful pen Gerald!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers Rob! I’m really pleased with it. 🙂

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