Parker Duofold Mini / Demi

I bet you’ve figured it out already. I haven’t really concealed it very well but the Parker Duofold of the modern era (1987 onward) is my all time favorite pen design. Nothing beats it in my books. You get a timeless and stately flat top design with the convenience of a cartridge / converter filling system and some of the best nibs I’ve ever used in a massively wide array of points including obliques, italics and extra this and double extra that. Just awesome. 

This pen is a failure and is so because it breaks one of the features mentioned above.  It is a beautiful failure though and of course I took advantage of the fire sale pricing on eBay and made a low offer on one that was accepted. Cheapest brand new Duofold I’ve ever bought. 

The reason this pen was a failure is the filling system. There is no converter that fits this pen meaning the only way to use bottled ink is to refill an empty cartridge with a syringe. The reason why is the barrel length. And that’s about the only thing that differentiates this pen from the International size is the shorter barrel and the cap bands are slightly smaller. This means International nibs fit the mini as do the caps. 

Then there’s the cartridge. It doesn’t take standard international cartridges but uses proprietary Parker cartridges. Also the common long Parker cartridges don’t fit just like the converter so you have to use the proprietary Parker mini cartridges. Since all the pens that use them have been failures in not sure how long Parker will manufacture them. Most people seem to have these on clearance too. I bought tons and will syringe fill if I need to. 

Anyway I’m a collector and I absolutely needed one and really quite like it. I’m even tempted to get another in pear and black or citrine yellow check. This green check is absolutely stunning and decked out with silver trim and came with a two tone fine nib with the ace design on it. I have since replaced it with an extra broad that I had on hand. 

Funny story there. I bought the nib to put into a black and titanium Bexley that was built to accept it. I ordered it from and actually had ordered only a broad and got the extra broad by happy accident. No complaints here. 🙂 The nib for on the pen but the times were too long for the cap to close so I’ve had the nib unit on standby waiting for another use. Now I have a fine nib on standby. 

Anyway this pen looks great and posts well. I can still use it unposted but generally don’t. Amazing fit and finish as always and the extra broad #85 nib writes like a dream with the turquoise cartridges I bought for it. Cartridges are small so will require frequent changes. 

That’s about it. Double feature day! Grab one of these fast if you can. Great deals out there. 


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