Pilot Metal Elabo / Falcon

I’ve been meaning to get one of these since I took one for a test drive at B. Sleuth & Statesman last year. It was the same day I bought the Parker Sonnet CiselĂ© from them actually. They had a soft broad and it was wonderful but I wasn’t about to pay MSRP for it. I’m not saying the pen isn’t worth it but when you know you can do better online I still find it hard to pay full retail. So it went down on my list of “pens I would buy if the price kwere right” and that was that.

About a year or so later I found this pen in an eBay auction from a relatively new seller in Japan. The auction end time was 5am on a Monday morning here in Toronto and since that’s around when I get up anyway I got up a little earlier to snipe. The move paid off and I got this pen for way less than I’ve seen it anywhere else. 

The catch was that the pen was shipped loose in an unpadded envelope all the way from Japan. No idea how but the pen actually arrived in perfect condition with not even a scratch. I don’t care about pen boxes but would hope for a little more care in packing. I left positive feedback but wrote to the seller advising that they might want to protect the pen for shipment next time. In fact I got my Parker Duofold Mini from the same seller and it came in a comically large pen box.  


My pen is the copper brown colour and seems to be lacquered brass. It’s quite a bit heavier than the resin Elabo / Falcon but also longer meaning it comes with the more capacious Con70 button converter and holds double the ink of the Con50 and really comes in handy with this nib. More on that later. The dagger clip is pretty and the finial and butt end of the pen are all silver coloured and highly polished. Fit and finish on this pen are great and it’s comfortable to write with for long sessions despite the heft. 

The nib is amazingly juicy and smooth. The soft broad is perfect for regular writing and does offer some flex if that floats your boat. Ink consumption is very high on this pen and so much so that I almost feel like the resin version of this pen should be lengthened to accommodate the Con70 converter. The design of the nib looks a bit like a bird face hence the name Falcon in countries other than Japan. I think the nib is ugly but the feel is amazing and makes it all worth it.  


Short review today but not much to say that hasn’t been said already. Thanks for stopping by. 

Get the Pilot Metal Falcon for a great price at Pen Chalet.


  1. mycutompuppet

    Gerald !! i hope all is well ? what are you asking for this wonderful pen ? I need a broad for my loose drawings ? thanks so much for your time !

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Emailed. Sorry about the delay


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