Edison Beaumont Stealth 2013 Limited Edition

Happy Monday everyone! –or rather happy whatever day you’re reading this! I think this might be the last of my Edison fountain pen reviews but surely not my last Edison pen but for the moment anyway I’ve done them all. There’s the Menlo, the Beaumont Pneumatic (similar to this pen but with a different filler), the Glenmont and the Pearl and the Morgan. All such lovely pens. This one is no exception and before you read on, yes I’m a fan but I try to give a balanced review as much as I can and yes I paid for these pens with my own hard-earned cash. I do this for fun and am not pro. I haven’t even worked out a formula for my reviews other than that I usually place the video after the first paragraph like this. 

This pen was a limited edition run of the production line Beaumont model done in 2013 and all pens were sold through retailers at the price of 150 USD.  The regular selection of beautiful flake acrylic finishes are available from the above linked list of retailers year-round but this edition was a one-off and only available until all 100 pieces were sold. I didn’t jump immediately on it and got one of the last pens from Richard Binder–no longer an Edison retailer. 

Just to clarify the Beaumont is a production model meaning it is made in bulk out of a few select finishes and sold at a reduced price through retailers. It features a cartridge / converter filling system. This Was a production LE so similar lower price. If you wanted this exact pen now you could request it as a custom build and it would then be a signature line pen with a higher price due to it being bespoke. The Beaumont Pneumatic is always a signature line pen and each one is individually made. The integrated pneumatic filler also adds an additional premium to the price. –well worth it for such a beautifully crafted pen though. 


 Like all production Beaumonts this pen is made of acrylic and has a clip, centre band on the cap, #6 size JoWo nib and a Schmidt K5 converter. What makes this LE special is the stealth combination of all black acrylic accented by ruthenium plated furniture. Some might argue that a stealth pen should have black lacquer coated metal trim but I personally like the gunmetal look of the ruthenium–a greyish member of the platinum family. Super sharp looking. I also enjoy how the laser engraved Edison logo on the nib reveals the bright stainless steel underneath. 

Just like many Edisons, this model is very light and thus very comfortable for long writing sessions. It is also the smallest Edison that still has the large #6 nib and it really makes a statement when you uncap it. It’s quite surprising to see such a large nib on such a slender and compact pen. The section has a wonderful shape that really suits my grip 


 When I received my pen it was a hard starter. Despite coming with a paper certifying the nib as having been “Binderized” it was actually over smoothed and had a baby bottom causing the ink to not make contact with paper easily. My pen also had a finial to cap joint that wasn’t perfectly smooth. You could catch your nail on it. 

I wrote Edison Pens and Brian wrote back that he would be happy to look at my pen and make sure I was happy with it.  You can’t knock service like that. I sent him the pen and he fixed the cap and nib perfectly. It’s now a flawless beauty with a smooth and easy writing broad nib. 


 The converter works great and the pen can be eye dropper converted as well by adding a bit of silicone grease to the section threads. I’m happy to use the converter though because I love changing inks often. 

That’s it. Great pen! Check out the flake finishes and treat yourself. Not sure how often these stealth ones turn up for sale but I doubt they do much at all. They’re awesome. 


  1. Franz Dimson

    Awesome review! I actually forgot that you had one as well. The picture I posted 2 years ago when I got my Beaumont Stealth popped up in my TimeHop app today. It really was a Happy 4/20 day. =) Cheers!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks Franz 🙂 if I remember correctly half of the 100 pens went to folks in my Instagram feed. 🙂 lovely pen


    Gerald – Loved your review of this 2013 LE Edison Beaumont. Do you remember how much you originally purchased this pen for? I’m interested in acquiring one and would like an idea of how much I need to save up to buy one.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks for readin! I paid 150 USD I think but because this is s limited edition of 100 pieces you’ll have to watch the used market. I sold mine for more if I recall correctly. Alternately you could get one custom made by Edison and you can see their signature pricing on their site.


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