Parker 100 Cobalt Black GT

Thanks for stopping by to check out this review. The Parker 100 is considered by many to be a relative failure due to it’s very short product life and lack of revision of any kind but I really quite like it and am a little bit sad the pen isn’t still around in more colours and finishes. I’ve actually got a pair of these beauties and would love to collect them all but my passion for Duofold Centennials has stopped me.

This pen was to be my first gold nibbed fountain pen actually. I had my Parker Vector and Frontier and was ready for a more adult pen. I did my research and like many decided I needed a Parker 51 but didn’t want a used pen so the next best thing was the then recently released Parker 100. It was created to fill the gap in the Parker product line between the Sonnet and Duofold. It’s a modern reimagining of the venerable 51 with a hooded nib and metallic cap but this time with Parker’s cartridge / converter filling system available on all their modern pens. I ordered the pen in the Opal Silver finish with an extra fine nib and it was never delivered. Well, it was returned to sender actually and then the seller somehow sold my pen and I had to pick a different colour. I got Cobalt Black in silver trim with an extra fine nib and a Waterman Charleston in the same order and off I went.

That pen was later sold when I realized I didn’t really like extra fine nibs and was replaced with a medium Opal Silver and after that I got this pen in gold trim with a broad nib. I’m a little sad I sold the extra fine actually because it had a bit of line variation and was like an extra fine stub. 

 So this pen is lacquered brass so is quite heavy and this one is black with gold trim. It has gold plated metallic double jewels as well. The cap is a black titanium graphite shimmer finish. Other colours like Honey White, Diamond Blue and Smoke Bronze have a gold shimmer effect on the cap. Really stunning. For pictures of the other finishes and a bit more history see the excellent article here.

When I got this pen I was really amazed with how well made it was–it was my first experience with a top quality premium made pen. The Waterman Charleston was nice but not like this–I particularly appreciated (and still do) the super tight tolerences and how the section threads onto the barrel so smoothly and with no wobble whatsoever. Every detail is perfect and this pen looks great under a loupe–hard to find any flaws at all. 

 The broad nib is magnificent and juicy–a solid performer and an absolute pleasure to write with. The converter works well and it’s convenient to have the option for proprietary Parker cartridges when on the road. By the way, if you’re the kind of person who holds the pen very close to the nib, the hooded nib might be for you. It’s also convenient when filling from low bottles of ink. :-0

That’s it for today. A really great pen and I”m glad to have a couple and hopefully will get more. Any 100 fans out there?


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