Bexley 58 in Mandarin Yellow

A year or more ago I was on a work assignment in Manila and while there I attended the monthly meets of FPN Philippines and among the amazing folks I met was a guy called Ronald. (Sorry I called you Ronaldo in the video–don’t know what I was thinking)  The neat thing about his pen collection is that it was exclusively yellow. If there’s a special yellow pen you can think of, he had it including vintage and modern mandarin Parker Duofolds. Gorgeous. It was then that I realized my collection was without any yellow pens at all. That needed to be remedied and this pen was the cure. 

As I’m sure you figured out by now I am a fan of Bexley and have reviewed a number of their pens. They’re vintage inspired bench made pens from the USA. Since Bexleys are made with collectors in mind the pens tend to be pretty large and the 58 is no exception. I got this pen from Peter in Manila along with my Columbus. If he lived in Toronto I’d be poor in a hurry.  

 The 58 is an oversized pen with a number six JoWo nib and Schmidt K5 standard international converter. The pen is inspired by the Waterman 58 but since I’ve never seen the two side by side I can’t comment on the scope of homage suffice it to say the Bexley has a very classic shape with a flat top and lots of straight lines. It’s available in black and a few other classic solids. I couldn’t say no to the Mandarin Yellow with a broad nib and gold trim. 

The nib on this pen is so good. I’ve had consistently excellent experience with Bexley JoWo nibs and I suspect they are individually tuned before they leave the factory. Great 7/10 wetness and buttery smooth but with the tiniest bit of feedback. I love these nibs.  

 A bonus on this pen is an included rubber gasket on the section threads so it can also be eyedropper filled. I never tried it but like that the option is there. The large barrel means ink capacity would be very large in this mode.  

 The pen is super comfortable to write with for long sessions and quite light despite ithe size of it. That said I found I didn’t reach for this pen often enough so I sold it shortly after I recorded the video. I loved using it whenever I did but a pen shouldn’t go a year without being inked. It has a very happy home now. 🙂

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