Bexley 20th Anniversary piston filler

I’m having a pretty lazy Saturday morning and figured I’d try getting two reviews written and published today. We’ve got a wedding to go to later but no other pressing plans so time to catch up my blog a bit. Roll the video!

So if you’re already sold on it after watching the video you can still get this pen at and at the time of writing it’s on sale. Go go go! (No affiliation) 

This pen was released to mark the 20th anniversary of the Bexley Pen Company and included their integrated piston filler which is apparently the first piston filler made on American soil since the golden era of pens in the early to mid 20th century.  My pen came to me as a gift in all jet black turned resin with rhodium trim and a fine steel nib. The pen is also available with 18k gold nibs and in a number of classic colours all with black cap, section and turning knob. Just the barrel is a different colour. Very attractive.  

 The manufacturing quality of this pen is top notch. The pens are turned from solid blocks of resin and hand finished. I can’t find a single flaw with this pen. It’s a magnificent specimen and testament to the high quality of USA made goods. It really feels like it will last forever. 

The nib is spectacular. This is one of the best fine nibs in my collection. The flow is generous and feel is smooth. The cap seals well and there are no start up issues.  

 There is no ink window in this pen. For some that would be a negative but really, who among us leaves the house with only one inked pen? That’s what I thought. The nice thing about not knowing how much ink you have left is also not worrying about an ink staining your barrel. Bring on the purples and reds!

The piston works well and is nicely lubricated. I believe it’s a friction fit telescoping piston so please don’t try removing it. Since the pen uses JoWo interchangeable threaded nib units you can unscrew the nib and add lubricant to the piston seal that way with a toothpick.  

 The trim on this pen is super shiny silver tone with a B on the washer clip and XX on the big cap band. Nice details. The barrel is also engraved with “Bexley Pen 1993-2013” 

 Get one of these while they’re still available. 

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