Ken Cavers Simplicity of Heart

Have I got a treat for you today! Actually it would be more accurate to say it’s a treat for me. This is my second bespoke and hand turned pen from Ken Cavers the first being my clipless Cigar. You can see Ken’s blog post about the Simplicity here

When I first contacted Ken to make me a pen initially it was to get a Parker Duofold fantasy pen to use one of my spare Parker Duofold Centennial nib units and he told me his list of commissions was too long but maybe someday in the future. I asked him to let me know if he ever had a pen that needed a home. This is how I got the Clipless Cigar.  

 Some time after that Ken agreed to give the Duofold nib a try and since I had become really enamoured with the simplicity of the cigar I told him the pen didn’t necessarily need to be a fantasy Parker and could be anything–even a perfect cylinder. I asked him to make it beautiful and surprise me. 

I wasn’t disappointed at all. I essentially got a perfect cylinder of Golden Smoke resin with black acrylic ends. So elegant. The material really glows and has wonderful depth when you turn it in your hands. It was a great choice for this pen and I’m glad I’ve got such a simple geometric shape to showcase it.  

 Just like the cigar this pen is perfectly made and exquisitely finished. Threads are smooth and snug and the whole pen is buffed to a brilliant shine ken is well regarded for his precision craftsmanship and I can easily see why. I can’t find a single flaw.  

 The cap being flush with the body nececitated a somewhat large step up from the section but since I grip right on the section this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Easy price to pay for such a beautiful profile when capped and obviously you can’t post the cap on this pen but the barrel is very long so this wouldn’t be necessary even if it was possible 

The nib was also tuned up for me by Ken and he managed to get rid of the screeching “singing” this nib had when I used it in my Bexley Collaboration. As you can see in the samples it now writes beautifully.  

 And that’s about it. Very happy with this pen and if I get more Duofold nibs I’ll definitely send another his way. 🙂


  1. Ken Cavers

    Thanks for a thorough and great review! Enjoyed seeing that pen in action!

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