Montblanc 144 Classique

You can’t argue with the classics and the Classique is a stunning and slender member of the Meisterstück family. Characterized by the triple cap bands and white star, this is one of the most iconic pen designs ever made. It has also influenced pen designs by several other manufacturers. Without it we wouldn’t have the Sailor 1911, the Platinum Predident or many Pilot pens. 

This pen was my first Montblanc and was purchased out of an estate sale on eBay. It came with a case and showed signs of never having been used at all. Many pens like this are received as gifts and are never used. I took it to the local Montblanc boutique before even inking it and verified its authenticity and uninked condition. I also bought my first Montblanc ink–the permanent midnight blue that has since been reformulated. 

The pen is made of precious resin which is basically black plastic that has a red glow when bright light is shone through it. Not sure what kind of plastic as Montblanc keeps the formula secret but it holds a wonderful glossy shine and has a premium feel to it. All trim is gold plated and the nib is 14k.  

 The pen has an overall cigar shape accented by trim rings plated in gold and a gold washer clip. The cap bands are nicely set into the resin and are crisply stamped or etched with Montblanc Meisterstück. The washer clip has Germany and a serial number on it in 80s computer font. You know the one. The cap is a push / pull type so there are no threads near the section to bother you. 

This is the second smallest pen in the Meisterstück line and has a lovely two tone medium 14k nib. Mine is a medium and performs wonderfully. The nib is fed by either an international cartridge or long international converter. Later pens have threaded converters but my Montblanc converter is friction fit.  

 This is a wonderful pen but very slender and as such is maybe better suited for a smaller hand than mine. If anyone would like this pen feel free to contact me and we can discus price. 🙂 I love it but I don’t use it as much as I should.  

 Also please note this is the discontinued 144 Classique and not the screw cap 145 Classique that used to be called the Chopin. So confusing. 


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  2. Matthew

    I tried to contact you regarding purchase but I can’t find a contact page on you website. Please get in touch.


    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Email sent

  3. Shamini

    Is this pen still available, please?

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Sold last year. Sorry

    2. Miranda

      What a great review Gerald! Thanks.
      I wanted to reach out to Shamini as I have a brand new and uninked 144 Classique in burgundy I have no use for. It has the medium nib and I have a new bottle of blue-black ink that goes with the pen.


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