Parker Insignia Ciselé GT ballpoint

it’s time to show a little love for some beautiful ballpoints and roller balls and I’m going to start with this Insignia I got while working in Manila.

My first fancy ballpoint was actually a special edition Parker Jotter in gold with a diamond pattern on it. I can’t for the life of me find it though. Of course it’s out of production now and when I see it pop up on eBay it’s more than I’m willing to pay. Maybe someday I’ll have one again. 

The loss of that pen created a void that got filled at a monthly pen meetup in Manila. There was someone who worked at a pen store or owned it? Anyway he brought a bunch of old stock to sell. Any fountain pens that were worth snapping up got nabbed quickly by folks with sharper eyes and reflexes than I. Anyway I did spot this pen and jumped on it. I actually thought it was a Sonnet but was wrong. The Ciselé pattern is what caused me to make that mistake plus unfamiliarity with this model. I paid the equivalent of $20 and was very pleased with my purchase.  

 I was very pleased because the Ciselé pattern on Parker pens is always on solid sterling silver. I think I did well even if I wanted to scrap this pen. I don’t though because it’s really lovely. It’s slender and sophisticated. It’s the perfect pen to take to work for lending out freely. I almost didn’t get this pen back when I lent it to a colleague who was so enamoured with it he got himself a nice Sheaffer ballpoint when he got back to Canada. 

The refill that came with this pen was dried out due to years of shelf life so I replaced it with a Parker gel refill. It writes really well and has nice saturated colour.  

 This pen might be a bit too slender for long writing sessions but is great for quick notes and has earned it a permanent place in my everyday carry.  


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