Parker 100 Diamond Blue GT ballpoint and roller ball

Ballpoint day continues with a double feature review of the Parker 100 ballpoint and roller ball pens. I’ve already reviewed my cobalt black fountain pen and thought I’d show these pens some love. 

It almost seems as though Parker makes the pencils, roller balls and ballpoints that accompany their fountain pens as an afterthought but I can confirm that this doesn’t seem true at all. Taking these two pens as an example, they are exquisitely made in a way that compliments the fountain pen design but also works well on their own. I think these luxury non-fountain-pens don’t get the attention they deserve. 

Let’s start with the ballpoint. It came in the medium size luxe box and probably does so because the refill is shipped inside the pen. Since mine was made in 2004 it came with a now discontinued ballpoint pen refill in blue. As you saw in the video it started up right away and works very well. I’ll replace this with some orange Monteverde gel refills when I finish or tire of the included refill.  

 It’s funny too that Parker no longer manufactures traditional grease ink ballpoint pen refills since the Parker G2 refill is one of the most iconic refill styles ever made. If you want a ballpoint pen refill you can still get them from Scnmidt.  

 The pen is a solid 38 grams and is twist actuated. The mechanism is smooth and works well. The overall fit and finish of this pen is flawless. The shimmery 14k gold cap and 23k gold plated trim looks really nice with the soft blue lacquer on brass. The pen is very attractive and feels great in the hand. It’s very eye catching and somehow modern and Classic at the same time. 

The roller ball (also 38 grams) really floored me. I already had a Parker Vector roller ball when I got this pen but this one is… well, let’s start with the packaging. This pen came in the large luxe box with the refill underneath with the documentation. As seen in the video the black refill had leaked a bit in its shipping cap. I tried to wipe it off but it was dried on so I inserted it in the pen and it wrote straight away.  

 And did it ever!! This refill is so smooth and the pen glides effortlessly across the paper and is one of the smoothest pen points I’ve ever used. I love it. I’ve got more Parker roller ball refills on the way and hopefully they are as good.  

 The design is very similar to the fountain pen with a pull cap and little spring loaded tabs on the centre band for the cap to hang on to. They rattle a bit and that’s probably my only complaint with the pen. The cap is interchangeable with the fountain pen cap and I bet the barrel is as well. Also gold trimmed lacquer on brass. Very elegant. 

And that’s it. These are very nice pens that I’m happy to have in my collection. What do you think? Any ballpoint or roller ball fans out there?


  1. Michelle

    Nice review as always Gerald. Glad you’re expanding a bit to not just FPs, rollerballs and ballpoints definitely do have a place in any pen addict’s arsenal. For rollerballs, I really enjoy my retro 51, I also like my muji gel pens and the pilot hi-tec-c refills a lot.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers Michelle! These are really nice and couldn’t resist. Wait until you try the Parker roller ball. It really blew me away.

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