Sailor 1911S BENI Red Axis

Today’s review is a little special as this pen came into my possession as a very generous gift from one of my pen pals. It’s also special because the pen is a special exclusive release for BENI Stationery of Japan. From what I can tell it’s still available on Amazon if you love it as much as I do. 

The base model is a 1911s Profit. I’d call this a small form factor pen similar in size and dimensions to the Montblanc 144. It definitely has classic Meisterstück inspired good looks too with a torpedo shape and washer clip and matching trim bands.  

 What makes this one a little special is the colour and trim. The barrel is a lovely deep red with black section, blind cap and cap. The trim is rhodium plated as is the 14k hard medium nib. The overall effect is quite stunning to behold.

The pen fills via a proprietary Sailor cartridge or converter for use with bottled ink. No problems there. The section threads are metal so no possibility for eye dropper filling. 

 Fit and finish is good and I put the quality of Sailor pens next to Pilot but above Platinum and below Montblanc. For the price though this pen is a very good buy for a gold nibbed pen. 

The nib on mine has some issues. Its tines are perhaps a bit misaligned and so the nib is scratchy. I could adjust it myself but I’ll likely just bring it with me to the DC pen show and have someone tune it up for me. I’m sure once it’s been properly adjusted this pen will be a knock out writer to match its good looks.  


I’m definitely pleased to have this pen and it will always have a special place in my collection. 

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