Montblanc 149 Diplomat 90th Anniversary Meisterstück Edition

This pen is a present I bought myself in advance of a couple of meaningful milestones. The first is my 40th birthday which falls on the 5th of November and the second is the promotion I’ve been working towards at the office. The present happened prematurely because it was the last one in the store and once this edition is sold out it won’t be produced again. 

It’s a special edition marking 2014 as the 90th year of the Meisterstück line and since we’re more than halfway through 2015 at the time of writing I’m guessing other boutiques will be selling out soon. This edition is/was available as 145 Classique, 146 LeGrand and 149 Diplomat fountain pens. I went for the big boy of course. 

What makes this pen different from a regular 149 Diplomat is that all the trim is red gold plated and the nib is solid monotone 18k red gold with a decorative 90 on it to mark the edition. The colour of the nib and trim is rich and looks great with the deep black luster of the precious resin. It all makes this pen that little bit more beautiful and special.  

 It came in a special edition box with some nice retro graphics. Worth noting this pen does not come with a bottle of ink like the regularly available yellow gold trimmed 149 Diplomat does.  The price of this edition is slightly higher as well. 

I bought this pen from the downtown Toronto boutique and it was my first brick and mortar Montblanc pen. I have to say it was all marvelous from getting to use all the tester pens to find the nib grade that suits you to the complimentary espresso. It was a decadent experience and one I hope to repeat someday.  

 I chose a broad nib but the last pen only had a medium so it was sent away to be changed. I have six weeks from original purchase to change it again with the nib exchange program but I’ll likely keep this nib. The line it produces really suits me. It’s a tad stubbish offering up a little line variation. 

As you saw in the video the pen was at first a little dry but I have since sent it back to Montblanc to have the flow adjusted to be wetter. After sale service is exquisite and I can’t say enough good things about it. The pen is now writing a lot better and is near perfection.  

 The 149 is an iconic piston filler that holds a generous quantity of ink. The piston is smooth and effective. The overall craftsmanship is top notch. I love using this pen and I’m sure there will always be at least one 149 in my collection. 

If you want one of these I would move very fast. Once they’re gone I don’t foresee them popping up on the used market often. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Zdenek

    Thanks for the nice review. I always like to read things like that as I am a big fan of 149 pens.
    Me, too, have got 149 90th Anniv. First I bought one with BB nib. Later of the last year I went for another one with EF nib. Both pens are permanently inked and used. The nibs are great, smooth writers.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Zdenek. I think we completely agree. I can’t imagine not having these pens in my daily rotation. Love the 149


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