Pelikan M805 Stresemann

I love a good deal, don’t you? This time it was a fantastic deal bought through the Fountain Pen Group Buying group on Facebook. Because of strength in numbers we were able to get this pen for €325 excluding VAT which is well below the best street price I could find at the time. There is talk of another group buy happening soon so make sure you join the group to get updates.

Soapbox time: if you say you’re going to do something, do it. The lack of follow through on this one by so many group members really bothered me. Filippo and Attila put in so much effort organizing this and asked people to commit to buy and if they could get enough people the seller would accept the group rate. Of course it’s still a lot of money so it took some time but they got the numbers they needed eventually. 

They when it came time to pay many people had second thoughts and this really jeopardized the group rate. Thankfully the seller still honoured it with less than the initially agreed upon minimum order. I don’t know how this could be made better next time. Pay up front? I hate having to rely on others–especially unknown others.   

 Anyway it did work out and I got the pen I wanted slightly later than initially planned but good things are worth waiting for and this pen is a very good thing. 

This pen is a rhodium trimmed M805 which is the second largest pen in the Pelikan Souverän line. It is a large pen with similar proportions to a Parker Duofold Centennial and has a substantial feel in the hand. Very comfortable shape and weight and surprisingly well balanced even with a brass piston.  

 The look of this pen is very classic and is helped out by the nib being monotone rhodium plated and I think this is the first M805 to have that. It looks like it will be a standard option even though I think I prefer two tone when possible. The striped binde is grey anthracite and gives a very stately look to the pen which is conveniently named for statesman and Nobel prize winner Gustav Stresemann. 

So yeah that’s pretty much it. It’s a grey M805. I love grey so this was the perfect first M805 for me. It’s a special edition so it will have a limited run and then be gone. 

The pen has an integrated brass piston that gives it a nice heft. Since it is a silver trim pen the brass has some sort of black plastic powder coat on it. Nice detail that I appreciate. It holds a ton of ink and operates smoothly. It’s threaded into the pen and can be removed with a TWSBI wrench but to save on wear and tear I would recommend doing so only once in a blue moon. The alternating grey and clear stripes on the binde allow you to easily check ink level.  

 I opted for a broad nib and it writes really well and is super glossy smooth. If anything it might be a little too smooth but so far it doesn’t seem to have any issues like hard starting that you might expect from a potentially baby bottomed nib. 

That about does it for this one. Nice classic look harking back to the 400 of the 1950s with the iconic pelican bill clip and black cap, section and piston knob. I’m pleased to have this pen in my collection and am already looking forward to the next special edition. Oooooooooh orange!

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  1. Ira Stone

    Great pen. Great review. I really like mine.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers Ira! Yeah I love it. Great pen.

  2. aleks

    really love this pen, my only quarrel with it is the hard start, BUT it’s sooooo beautiful and wonderfully built im ok overlooking the minor detail 😀

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Mine hard starts a little too but not too badly.

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  5. Paul Montano

    Nice pen. I want to purchase an M805 Stresemann as well. How big is the difference between the Broad and the Medium nib? Wondering which one to get. I hope you can give me some advice. Thank you

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      That’s tough. Quite a bit of difference. I’d say get the broad because you can always grind it it a medium if you need but harder to add more tipping if it’s too fine

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