Edison LEA Double Feature! 2012 Pearl & 2013 Morgan

Sooooooo it’s the magical time of year again and Edison Pen Co. has announced online that it is poised to kick off it’s third annual group buy pen. I bought a used 2012 pen recently and for the 2013 pen I was involved in the buying process from beginning to end.

The basic idea is that Edison picks a signature line pen model and organizes a group buy of the pen using the market place forum of the Fountain Pen Network. Edison does the pen in two materials–an ebonite and an acrylic and the pen community vote on which materials are used choosing from a selection of ebonite and acrylic mock ups. Then there’s the buy in period then the pens are manufactured and distributed.

image This is a great way to get a signature line pen for a price closer to that of a production line pen. The whole process is a lot of fun too and the discussions that start up are really engaging. Also during the manufacturing stage Brian posts progress photos so you can see your pen in various stages of completion. The pens are numbered too and come with a hand signed and numbered letter / LE certificate. Very nice.

2012 Pearl LEA

Bought mine preloved and I just love the Cobalt Fleck acrylic (LEA for acrylic and LEE for ebonite). The LEE alternative was Beige / Black Swirl which was also really pretty. The LEA was sold for $170 and the LEE for $190. Since Pearl pricing starts at $250, this was a special deal that was very well received.

imageThe Fit and finish of this pen is top notch. I can’t find anything to complain about. The nib was fine initially replaced with a medium by the original owner. I put in a broad 18k rhodium plated nib and this pen writes beautifully. I really enjoy the shape of the section and how it tapers in for an hourglass shape that I find really comfortable and that others find maddening.

In fact the pen was barely used because the original owner just couldn’t get comfortable using it. As the pen cap is flush with the body when closed there is a considerable step. Also this pen can’t really post so that bothers some. Totally ok with me.

Fills with a cartridge or converter. No problems there. Looks like it could be made into an eyedropper too. Dimensions and weight can be found here and if you’re interested in getting a new Pearl you would be looking at the regular signature line prices but with a huge library of materials and options to choose from. Even clipless if that floats your boat! Or the double ended Pearl eyedropper filler! Yay pens!!

2013 Morgan LEA

I was involved from beginning to end with this and loved it. I went with the Neon LEA as I had just bought an Ebonite Beaumont Pneumatic at the time (review pending). The LEE option was Briar Swirl with similar pricing to the 2012 Pearl

imageThe results for the acrylic poll were so close they had to have a second vote and Neon won by a small lead and it was my number one choice and was happy to go with that. Incidentally, my second favourite was the blue and gold striated and I now have a Menlo made with that same material.

The photos of this pen don’t really show off how beautiful it is. You need to see it in person or watch my video. The orange swirls are almost electric and the black is so deep but when you turn the pen in the light you get this wonderfully shimmery chatoyance / cat’s eye effect. So striking.

The pen is longer than the pearl and posts properly though it doesn’t suit me to post it. The section and step are identical to the pearl. The caps are interchangeable (found out by accident. Oopsie) so if you don’t find the Pearl comfortable you won’t like this pen. The longer barrel make this pen a great candidate for a bulb filler and there are some beauties out there.

The group buy pen came in your choice of steel nib. I went with the then new 1.1mm stub italic. It’s a great nib but I’ve since discovered the stubs don’t suit my writing style. This one is well made though and has a generous sweet spot and is very smooth.

Watch the video to learn about the bonus chunk:

So that’s it pretty much. Great pens. No idea what fun we’re in for this year but I’ll be following closely and just might get on board. We’ll see. Glenmont would be fun or a Mina. Any hopes or predictions? If you’re reading this post 2014 LE, what would you like to see for 2015 or 2016?

Thanks for reading my friends! 🙂


  1. David

    Hi Gerald,

    Another great review, thanks! I most likely will not be in on this buy if it’s a Mina. However, I do love that Morgan!
    Anyhow, thanks for softening my palate a bit towards Edison pens. I may have to order a custom Morgan as my first Edison. Oh, and by the way, I could not agree with you more about the J.Herbin bottles. The absolute worse design in the history of ink bottles! And you have to love that pen rest, it’s great if your pen of choice is a quill!! Lol.

    Thanks again and keep these great reveiws coming please.


    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers David! And sorry you had to type your comment twice. The first one took actually but they automatically get held until I approve it. Once I do your future comments shouldn’t require moderation. It’s a way to stop spam from covering my blog.

      I’m not sure about the Mina. I’ll have to see it. Definitely look at a Morgan with a bulb filler and ink view window. Sooooooooo pretty!

      I’ll do my best to keep these coming at least until I get through my collection. 🙂

  2. Karlo

    Great review Gerald!

    Brian’s creativity is amazing and I’ve seen several examples of his work from the posse here, including a few truly custom shapes. I like how his materials choices also impart an added dimension to his pen designs.

    I look forward to your reviews of the Menlo as well as your Beaumont.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Hey thanks Karlo! Yeah I’m a big fan of Brian. Great work.

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