Bexley Columbus Pen Show 2013 LE

My fingers are so inky right now. I shot two pen review videos today and will do my best to get the next one up soon. Lots more pens to review so I think I can afford to do two in one week. Absolutely loving my day off. πŸ™‚

So I got this pen while I was working in the Philippines last year. Through Instagram I got connected with the local pen collecting community in Manila / Makati. I worked nights but would stay up for pen meets in Ayala Triangle once a month when I could and that’s where I met Peter.
Peter is the local Bexley importer and always came with a big bag full of beautiful pens and tons of a Diamine ink for sale to boot. I really miss him and wish I could’ve taken him back to Toronto with me. Great guy. Anyway I would always ask him for interesting pens with broad nibs and one day this pen came out of his bag of goodies. It was left over from the actual Pen Show and Peter told me only around 15 pens were made in each material. I have no idea why nobody snapped this pen up at the show–it’s stunning.

Just so you know, I noticed Richard’s Pens has this same pen in stock as I write this. It’s Admiral Red and looks really pretty. Snap it up if you like what you see here. No affiliation with the site but it’s the only place I’ve found it.
The pen is quite large at 6 3/32″ capped and a silly 7 5/16″ posted. Measurements from Richard’s Pens and check out his pen size comparison tool to get a better idea. Cool stuff. I weighed it as 28g inked and capped. Great substantial pen. Sorry about the mix of imperial and metric. Whatever. It’s my blog–deal.

The material is lovely. The brown celluloid is marbled and super shimmery. I can just stare at it and spin it in the light forever. So pretty. If you’re not familiar, celluloid is an early form of plastic made by combining cotton and camphor or something like that. You can google the science bit. What you need to know is that it’s slightly greasy to the touch and extremely flammable. It doesn’t melt but burns quickly and violently. It’s also not so common these days so it’s a bit rare in modern production pens. I think the rods they use to make the pens take a long time to make too.
Got mine with a broad nib. It writes superbly out of the box. Wet line with no startup or skipping issues. The ink I used in the video is J. Herbin Lie de ThΓ©. If you would like to read a great review of this ink check out my friend Christine’s blog Pentulant and make sure to read her other great reviews while you’re there.
SBREBrown also has a rather epic Inkcyclopedia on this ink as well.

I guess that’s about it. I really like this pen and don’t think I could ever part with it. Great steel nib and beautiful classy and giant design. Total winner. Let me know what you think about it.


  1. Pentulant

    I have never really considered a Bexley,

    And I had NO IDEA about the flammability of celluloid. Yikes.

    Thanks for the mention, Gerald!

    1. Gerald Taylor

      Cheers Christine. πŸ™‚

  2. David

    Hi Gerald,

    I really enjoyed your review! Thanks for sharing the features of this beautiful pen!

    1. Gerald Taylor

      Thanks David! Yeah–the Columbus is super pretty. I’m so happy to have ink in it again.

  3. Dennis

    I saw this pen at one of our local pen meets, and it’s a beautiful piece. Great photography too – it’s not easy getting photos that do justice to a nice celluloid like this!

    I think the Admiral Red Richard Binder has in stock is a different colour. I have a Bexely America The Beautiful in the same celluloid as your pen, and I’ve also seen photos of several other Bexley’s this material, and it was called Brick Red.

    1. Gerald Taylor

      Thanks Dennis. πŸ™‚ yeah the admiral red is different but it’s really pretty too. I’d get one for myself if my budget were unlimited. The Columbus is a great shape for me. Love the extra banding on thee body too. Need more bexleys. Will keep an eye out for the America the beautiful. Great looking pen.

  4. Dennis

    If I remember, I’ll bring my America the Beautiful to next month’s pen posse/meet. It’s alot smaller than the Columbus 2013. Vaness Pens have a Brick Red America the Beautiful in stock with a Gold nib.

    1. Gerald Taylor

      Pity it’s not available with a steel nib. It’s out of my budget sadly.

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