Parker Duofold Centennial Ivorine and Citrine double feature

Thanks for your patience with me everyone. I’ve been super busy at work and this blog has fallen by the wayside. I’ve decided to recommit and try to get back into a weekly publishing schedule. Wish me luck–I’ll do my best!

This is a double feature because I released the Citrine video on YouTube three months ago but never wrote a review for it. I’ll write a bit about it at the end and post the video there. I’ll start with the Ivorine. 

I’ve never before bought a Duofold new online or in a store so when I saw the fantastic price for the Historical Colours series at I couldn’t resist. I actually was watching their website for months and had the pen in a shopping cart several times. I even went to their table at Scriptus in November and asked if they had brought any. No luck. The amazing price remained and I told myself that if they had any in store when I planned to visit over the holidays, I’d treat myself.  

 As usual I went with my wife to Montreal for Xmas and also as usual we went Boxing Day shopping the next day. Style has a downtown boutique and I located the beautiful white pen I was looking for in the display case right away. Available in fine or medium nib, I naturally went for the medium. There’s something magical about Parker’s medium Duofold nibs. They write beautifully and show off all that inks have to offer. 

The purchasing experience was great and the staff at the store were super friendly and helpful. I do recommend a visit if you’re ever in Montreal. Also at the time of writing they still have these pens for $400 in Ivorine, Lapis Lazuli and Big Red. I’ve not seen a better retail price for this pen. Snap them up! 

 The Ivorine is a stunning white pen with rich gold trim and a two-tone 18k nib stamped with the ace of spades motif. Worth noting in the Historical Colours series the section, blind cap and finial are all in the same colour acrylic as the body of the pen whereas all Duofolds before this series have black accents. I think this is also why the series is only available in two nib grades as the section / nib unit is no longer standard across the line. That said, the nib and feed are friction fit into the section so if you did buy a replacement nib you could install it in your white section without too much trouble.  

 What about the pen? Well, it’s a Duofold and I love it like all the Duofolds I own. The white acrylic stands out and is very attractive. The nib writes perfectly with a tiny bit of tooth. Perfection. It’s a large and well balanced pen that perfectly suits me. Worth noting that these colours are also available in the slimmer International size. 

Also worth noting is this is my first Duofold that was made in France. All my other Centennials were made in the UK. Since the Newhaven plant was closed in 2011, they are all made in Paris now. I can honestly say the fit and finish are on par with the English made pens and I’m happy to report that this is still my favourite model of fountain pen.  

 Now to the older review I shot. Here it is:

The Citrine Check Duofolds are absolutely stunning. The golden checkered acrylic has a wonderful translucence and reminds me of a lemon drop or sunshine itself trapped in the acrylic. It may be my favourite material used for the Duofold series. Might even be my favourite material ever or at least tied with orange crush acrylic used famously by Delta. 

I got the mini first and the Centennial st the DC pen show as my only pen purchase of the show. No regrets. If you can find one of these, snap it up. You won’t be disappointed. 

As of October 2016 there are still some Ivorine Centennials left for a great price at Pen Chalet.


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