Pelikan M800 Burnt Orange

I did it! New review after only a week! This one is dedicated to Keith (@randomthinks on Instagram) and his #killwinterwithorange hashtag. 

I bought this pen through the Facebook group called Fountain Pen Group Buying (FPGB) and is the same way I got my M805 Stresemann for a similar bargain. Very happy with this group. 

This pen is large in size comparable to a Parker Duofold Centennial. It’s super comfortable in the hand and it has a brass piston giving it a reasonable heft. The colours are rich orange and a black/brown cap, section and filling knob. I read that it was super dark brown anyway. I don’t see it. Trim is gold and the nib is two tone. The overall aesthetic of the pen is lovely and it reminds me of the Montblanc Hemmingway a little.  

 As mentioned it’s a piston filler and a brass piston at that. The piston works well and can be removed for greasing or cleaning using a TWSBI wrench. Good to know. Smaller Pelikan piston fillers are friction fit and not easy to disassemble. Ink capacity is quite good. 

A curious feature of this pen is the absence of any kind of ink window. If it’s your only inked pen be sure to travel with an ink bottle as its not really possible to easily know when the pen is about to run dry. Not a problem for me as I never only have one pen but it might be a concern for others. The nice thing about no ink window is no worries about ink staining the barrel.  


The 18k bicolour medium nib is actually a lot better than I mentioned in the video. I remembered it being dry and writing like a fine but the Sailor / Bung Box Ink of Witch actually flows really well. Much better than I remembered.  

 It’s a lovely pen and I’m very much happy to have it. Not sure if I’ll get any more Pelikans any time soon but I really like the three I have. Thanks for stopping by!

As of October 2016, Pen Chalet has this pen on sale. Check it out and let me know when this link is dead in the comments please.


  1. JD

    ‘…reminds me of the Montblanc Hemmingway a little.’

    Only a little? It looks like a complete rip off of the Hemingway design.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      I’m not sure about complete rip off. Not even sure it’s the same shade of orange. This pen is still very much a Pelikan and I’d call it an homage if anything. That’s my oppinion of course. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Michael Simon

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your reviews.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Hey thanks! Glad to be back. 🙂

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