Carolina Pen Company Orange Crush Cigar

And here I go keeping with the #killwinterwithorange theme. I hope you enjoy this beauty made by Jonathon Brooks–a true artist. Have a look and fall in love like I did.  

This pen was actually an afterthought in a way. Back in August I bought two rods of orange crush acrylic at the D.C. Pen Show and handed them directly to Jonathon for future use. I got home from D.C. And ordered some gold JoWo nibs and shipped those to Jonathon and waited patiently for my place in the queue to come up.  

 When it did Jonathon did an oversize pen for me with the acrylic and black ebonite. It was stunning and I wondered if he could do an all orange pen for me as well to use more of this gorgeous material. To keep costs down I asked for no metal rings or clip and no nib or converter needed as I have spare Edison JoWo nibs until I can get myself a gold nib for it. I wanted a cigar shape with a clear ink window. I was blown away with the result. 

This pen is just so pretty. It catches light in almost all angles. It glows and shimmers and is so super gorgeous. Insert positive adjectives here. It’s all of them. Craftsmanship is top notch.  

 In eye dropper mode it holds a ton of ink in a pretty compact shape yet with a big number six nib. The section is super comfortable and threads and step don’t bother at all. Silky smooth threads that tighten up in the last quarter turn almost like it has two stages. Great design. 

Jonathon is a pleasure to work with. Do check out the Carolina Pen Company site and get yourself on this man’s waiting list. You won’t regret it.  


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