Carolina Pen Company “Money Bags”

Yet another beautiful creation from the talented hands of Jonathon Brooks (Carolina Pen Company) that was part of a big order that started last summer and finished at the beginning of this year. Have a look at this:

So sorry for the hard start. This pen had never done that before and interestingly I put the same ink in my Newton Orville and it seems to be doing the same thing so perhaps it’s the ink? Don’t know. I do know that once it gets going it’s a super wet and smooth writer. 

So this pen came to be when Jonathon sent me a picture of this resin he’d procured. It was clear plastic with shredded bits of Canadian currency suspended in it. Lots of red so a high concentration of $50 bits. 🙂 I instantly knew I needed a pen made using this stuff so I asked him if we could use this in a pen to attach to my order with the oversize orange crush pen. He agreed and based on my friend Kata’s suggestion we went with a charcoal grey alumilite resin.  

 We went with a cylinder shape and clipless. The grey material Jonathon poured turned out wonderfully with a subtle bit of sparkle. It all comes together beautifully with a two tone broad 14k JoWo nib. Stunning. 

The pen is well balanced and fills with the included converter or as an eyedropper for a larger ink capacity. The money bit acts as an ink window with a bright light source. Jonathon took care to clear coat seal the money material so it doesn’t absorb ink into the paper fibers.  

 The pen is a real looker and popular with everyone who sees it. It’s a treasured addition to my collection. 


  1. Jared Linsly

    Hi Gerald,
    I came to your site via a link from Gourmet Pens. Nice review and a pretty pen! To answer your question, I believe the adjective for state is simply ‘state’ ;-D


    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Hey thanks! Nice of you to stop by. 🙂 Yep, Jonathon’s work is top notch. I’ve got a few other reviews of his work


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