Ken Cavers Dragon Fire Cigar

Ok. That’s it. I’m taking notes into my future reviews. I just got way too many details wrong. Sorry Ken. All will be corrected here:

  • Ken’s blog address is
  • The material is called Dragon Fire without the possessive ‘s

Sheesh. I promise not to be so sloppy next time. Please bear the above points in mind as you watch the video portion of the review. 

So there you have it. Beautiful pen right? Ken’s blog post about this pen can be found here. The beautiful material it is made from was created by Jonathon Brooks of the Carolina Pen Company.  

 While emailing Ken to discuss a future project it came about that Ken would be visiting Toronto for a work conference of some sort and I took it as an opportunity to set up an impromptu pens and pints meet and greet. I gathered a handful of local pen friends and we had a wonderful Friday night with lovely food and refreshments and lots of pens of course.  

 Ken had turned this pen on the lathe the day before the trip and brought it specifically to sell to one of us. Obviously I couldn’t resist and claimed it for my own. It had a stub installed so I asked Ken to hang on to it and put a broad or medium nib in it when he got back to Winnipeg. 

The pen is the familiar clipless cigar shape which I am a huge fan of. I have another in Fall Folliage alumilite that I reviewed here. It is smooth, sleek, seamless, sexy and by far my favourite model in Ken’s arsenal. I’m happy to have this second cigar and have a third in the works. 🙂 The biggest benefit of this shape is that it serves as the perfect canvas to showcase pretty materials and is ideal for this deep red and smoke Dragon Fire resin from Jonathon.  

 Fit and finish are the usual high level that I’ve seen on all of Ken’s creations. I can’t find a single fault. Tolerances are tight and everything is perfectly polished. Threads are super smooth and the nib has been tuned to perfection. 

And that nib actually turned out to be a fine as Ken was out of stock of ruthenium played steel nibs in medium or broad. I’m totally ok with this as I like to have a few fine nibs in my arsenal and this one has been perfectly set up to write like a dream: wet with just a touch of feedback. The ruthenium coating matches the pen perfectly and if I ever decide to upgrade to a gold nib it will also be ruthenium plated.  

 The glorious nib is fed with a standard international Schmidt converter but Ken also put a lot of barrel threads on this pen so it could easily be eye-dropper filled as well. Love it. 

And love the pen overall. I can’t find a single complaint–it’s perfect for me. Great candidate for a regular EDC pen and I’m sure this beauty will get regular rotation. If you have the opportunity to get yourself a Cavers pen, don’t pass it up. 


  1. Ken Cavers

    Thanks for a great review, Gerald! Glad the pen suits you!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers Ken! 🙂


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