Conway Stewart Model 100

Black and gold. It’s classic and so is this pen model. It’s actually something of a re-release actually. The recently defunct Conway Stewart company made this pen as a modern reimagining of vintage Conway Stewart 100 pens from the mid twentieth century much in the same way Parker brought back the Duofold in 1987. 

Very sad that the second attempt of Conway Stewart failed but in their relatively short second run they made some gorgeous pens and the excess acrylic blanks live on with many independent pen turners. This 100 was bought on clearance and was for a long time the most valuable pen in my collection. 

The 100 was released in two variants if I recall correctly–a cartridge / converter model like mine and a piston model that is really more of a captive converter with an end cap that unscrews to allow access to the converter knob. The piston models are notorious for failing and leaking and can’t be used serviced so I’m very pleased to have the converter model especially because there is no more Conway Stewart to provide service if needed. The converter is threaded into the section which is nice and secure. 

Speaking of service, shortly after I got my pen I sent it back for service because the medium italic nib was near impossible to write with. I had it replaced with a classic medium which came with its own issues. It would click when writing which sent shivers up and down my spine. I’ve since had it adjusted and it now writes well. I haven’t heard many good things about their nibs. They are beautiful but quality is inconsistent. Pretty sure they are Bock nibs and were never properly adjusted in house before shipping. Perhaps this was a contributing factor to the company’s demise? That and price I’d wager. 

Yes this pen was very expensive even at clearance price but it was very nicely presented in the biggest pen box I’ve ever seen (since recycled) and the overall quality of craftsmanship is very luxurious. The bands on the cap are hallmarked solid 18k gold and the black polished resin is deeply lustrous. Fit and finish is top notch (except for nib tuning) and true to the history of the company. 

That’s about it I guess. Great pen. I’d avoid the piston variant but if you see a C/C model available for sale, snap it up. 


  1. Rick Sussman

    I have 4 modern CS pens, a 100, 2 Bellivers and a Windsor. Nibs were all perfect out of the box.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      First time I’ve heard this. I’m jealous of your good nib fortune. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Chaim Seymour

    Its not at all clear who manufactured your pen. Conway Stewart went bankrupt in 2014. I bought a 100 then. Since then a firm called Bespoke has been manufacturing the pens. I think the original CS were numbered differently Chaim

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Hi there. Sorry for the confusion. My pen was purchased before Conway Stewart went bankrupt and I had it serviced by CS as well. Thanks for reading / watching


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