ASA Galactic with JoWo medium nib

Hi folks, welcome back! Today I’ve got a hand turned acrylic pen from India and it’s a big one. Super big in fact and I rather like it. It’s eyedropper fill only and so it’s commonly referred to as an ink bottle with a nib stuck on it. Have a look at my video and then I’ll discuss a few things I’ve discovered since filming this plus my usual rambly recap of how I like the pen. 

Ok, I have to tell you that since filming this I have been using the pen regularly for more than a week and it hasn’t burped ink again. I didn’t reset the nib but rather capped it and let it sit for an hour. Somehow it calmed down and the ink flow is really good with no issues. Weird. 

Second thing is that I noticed a deep scratch in the barrel of my pen. Somehow I didn’t see it until after the camera was off. It can be felt but won’t scratch you or anything. It just doesn’t look very good and so the poor quality control loses a few points for this pen. It’s kinda ok because I’m not counting but it is definitely worth noting. See picture below:

I got this pen directly from and opted for the JoWo medium nib upgrade. It’s worth noting that they don’t use a collared nib and feed unit like Franklin-Christiph or Edison use but rather a loose nib with an ebonite feed. I think if you opt for the default fine nib you can upgrade yourself if you have a spare Goulet nib lying around. I think this pen would also be a good candidate for a Noodler’s flex nib.

And that feed that comes in the pen is super basic. It has an ink channel cut into it and a few fins and that’s it. The fins don’t meet up with the ink channel so I’m not sure the purpose of them. The nib and feed friction fit into a polished clear section. No nipple on the feed so the only filling option is eyedropper. This section will be a pain to keep clean. I think the only way to get all the ink out is to pull the nib and feed every time. Since the feed and section aren’t keyed for s perfect fit every time you will have to be careful about allignment. It’s fiddly. You’ve been warned. 

Lots of section threads for silicone grease but no grease comes with the pen. It does come with a pipette and the barrel when full holds a little less than 5ml of ink. That’ll keep you going quite a while. Ink flow is good as I mentioned earlier and it will take me forever to empty this thing. 

The matte finish is really nice and contrasted by polished barrel end and cap finial. Aside from the scar on mine it’s a lovely look and feels good in the hand. The matte pattern is like a lengthwise brushing of the acrylic. ASA Galactic is etched into the barrel. It’s small and doesn’t bother me. The shiny silver colour clip looks good and works well. The pen is also available in a flat top design. I prefer the rounded ends. 

And that’s it. Nice pen and great for fans of oversize shapes. Not sure how long I’ll keep it though as it might be a bit high maintenance for me but I do like the look and feel of it. 

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  1. Subramaniam

    Priming the feed and filling the ink till the threads are two important steps, which can help in avoiding burps and starting issues.. There is a thread in FPN on how to fill eyedropper pens. I am sharing link here for benefit of readers.


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