Parker Duofold International MKI double feature

Today I’ve got a very special pair of pens for you. They are both MKI Internationals and both black turned acrylic with medium nibs and gold trim but they are both very special and unique.

The first of the pair is a little more scuffed up and saw a little more action than the other though still in fantastic condition. I got it along with my black MKIII Centennial as a package price and was pleasantly surprised. 

The reason for that is the date code on the pen. The Centennial came first in 1987 though the actual centennial year was 1988. My research tells me the International size came out in 1989 though this pen has a date code of “E” which makes it from the fourth quester of 1988–the actual centennial year of the Duofold! How cool is that? Perhaps it’s from an early or initial production run?

The design is very similar if not identical to my first year Centennials. The clip feathers are etched onto the clip and all the bands are flush and super flat–almost sharp. 

Anyway, as the seller stated this pen writes wonderfully and is a joy to use. Good wet flow and buttery feel on paper–a perfect medium. 

The second pen I bought off eBay as new old stock. I actually thought it was a Centennial but read the ad wrong. It was still a decent price for a new International but not the smoking deal I had thought. 

I was blown away when I broke out the loupe on this pen though. Stamped on the cap is Made in the USA! It was made in the Janesville Parker plant! I had no idea there were modern Duofolds manufactured there and this is the first I’ve seen or heard of. How special!

The pen is in fantastic minty condition of course and since it’s a little later than the 1988 it has taised and slightly rounded bands and the clip feathers are raised as well. I believe this pen is from 1991. 

The medium nib is a twin of the other. Juicy and smooth–another perfect medium. 

Both pens use Parker’s proprietary cartridges or converter and are rather slim. I’d say this is a medium sized pen with almost the same length as large pens. Both post well though I prefer not to. They are long enough not to need to be posted. 

Lovely pens and I’m very happy to have them in my collection. Thanks for stopping by. 

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