Parker Duofold Centennial MKI double feature

Last time I had a special pair of Internationals for you to see and this week it’s a pair of short clipped marble Centennials for you to enjoy. Have a look:

So as I mentioned in the video, the short clip on these Duofolds marks the first year or first version of the Centennial. Only the Centennials were made with short clips from the launch of the line in 1987 when my blue marble was made in the second quarter to some time in 1988 when my maroon marble was made in the third quarter. You can see a later version of the maroon marble with a long clip in this Parker commercial here:

Isn’t it fun that these pens had their own TV commercials? Not likely to see a fountain pen commercial nowadays. Times have changed or advertising budgets have anyway. 

As mentioned the blue marble is the older of the two and my oldest modern Duofold. I purchased this from pen maker Ken Cavers and it came in the original box with original unused cartridges. The 18k medium nib had been tuned by him and it has good flow with a touch of tooth.

The pen also had its original converter that had a slight air leak in the seal which caused the pen to drool ink from the nib from time to time. This was easily remedied with a replacement converter and the pen works as new again. It looks new as well owing to how well looked after it was. All the gold plated furniture is in top form and the acrylic gleams. The blue marble really catches light well and sparkles in all angles due to a chatoyant mother of pearl effect in the marbling. 

Though not quite as shimmery or in quite as good condition, the maroon marble is no slouch. It feels perhaps a little more heavily used than the blue marble but still a wonderful pen and with a broad nib to boot. The maroon marble with gold trim has a really warm look to it and is super classy looking if you ask me. 

I got this pen off eBay from an estate sale. This is the same seller where I got my Big Red Special Edition Centennial for a bargain as well. Both plans were listed as “needs ink. Not working” and both listed as International size. The short clip on the maroon marble was what gave away the fact that both pens were Centennial size and not working? They are converter pens and easily cleaned. I’m thinking the seller just thought that since the pens didn’t write as is (without filling) they were broken? Not sure but I benefitted from the incorrect descriptions as many steered clear. 

The pen also came full of dried ink so it was a small effort to clean it out and install a new converter as the seal had perished in the original. The original owner was a fan of broad nibs like me so both Duofolds and the Carène I won all had broad nibs. 🙂

The broad nib performs really well. I had thought it a touch dry but it seems to per form well enough with the Lamy Dark Lilac ink I used in the review. 

Both pens have plain black cap finials with no customization. Both also have flush trim bands with rather sharp edges. This is very much in line with the early Duofolds of the 1920s. 

For a nice read on the Centennial here’s a great article from Though not available with a short clip, I still eventually want to add a green marble to my collection. One day. 🙂

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