Delta Dolce Vita Federico Oversize

Wow, what a bargain! I couldn’t resist. The MarteModena exclusive especially in this gorgeous white and orange colour combination not otherwise offered by Delta for the Dolce Vita line. 

It’s pretty interesting stuff. Delta makes this budget friendly rendition of the flagship Dolce Vita line exclusively for this one store in Italy and to be sold online worldwide excluding Italy. There has been a lot of discussion online that these discounted pens are a money grab from Delta signifying financial difficulties, blah blah blah. None of it is more than wild speculation. I don’t know the state of Delta’s books and I really don’t care.

I do care about this pen though and hopefully I can provide some useful info about it. As you can see by the side by side comparison with my other two Delta Oversize pens (Oro review here) The dimensions are more or less identical meaning this is a massive sausage pen. Love it! The main cost cutting was in the metals for trim. You can see in the picture that the centre band is laser engraved steel instead of sterling silver with a relief pattern. Also the trim ring on the barrel end is a little thinner. I also find the clip is a little weaker but since I don’t clip this pen to anything that’s no bother. 

There’s one design change that irks me though. The included literature states that this pen can be eye dropper filled and indeed there is a rubber gasket on the section threads. The problem is the captive converter can be actuated by unthreadibg the blind cap and the threads there are metal. I wish Delta had used the same barrel design as the regular oversize pens. I don’t see the value in unthreadibg a blind cap to fill as opposed to the whole barrel. 

So you saw my video review right? I tried filling by removing the blind cap only and I got ink all over the barrel threads. If I had taken the whole barrel off I would have avoided this and also been able to see ink level as I filled. This is how I will fill going forward. 

The nib is a magnificent and super juicy broad number eight size. It’s 14k gold and emptied half the converter in three pages of writing. 🙂 I love this nib and again am sad that I can’t eye dropper fill this pen. No spring but some slight stub like like variation. 

I love the look of the white and orange acrylic with gold trim. Delta uses sequential serial numbers and my pen is 0033 so limited quantities for now. It also seems that MarteModena has recently put in a starting bid of $119.90 USD as opposed to the previous 99 cent starting. I did see some pens go for under 100 bucks so I guess the company was losing money. Still a bargain though even with the inflated DHL shipping charges. 

I’m super pleased with this pen and think it’s a great value. Love those 14k number eight nubs and that orange crush acrylic gets me every time. Thanks for reading!


  1. John

    I have several of these Federico’s from Marte and like them all. Nice value and I appreciate them being made available. Happy to see your evaluation of the rumor and gossip as speculative nonsense. (I added nonsense.)
    Very enjoyable review! Thanks!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Agreed. Pity they raised the minimum bid on eBay. I missed out on the really good deals but even the higher price is excellent value

  2. Michael Simon

    I got mine last year for under $100 with shipping, with the fusion nib. Didn’t get charged any customs fee in US. Thanks for another informative review.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Lucky. Could be because the item price was so low. Mine was $120 plus $79 shipping. It’s a lot of money but still a very good price for an oversize 14k nib pen. Thanks for your comment


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