Parker Duofold Lucky 8, 2008 limited edition

Hi everybody, sorry about the big break with no posts. I’m back and it’s after my second trip to the DC pen show. I’ve got spoils. 🙂

This pen was purchased during the show but not at it. There’s a bit of a story there. I wanted a fancy new Duofold for my collection and remembered an awesome seller last year had a bumblebee pen and I remembered it cost around $1200 so I decided I might try to get one of those. 

My memory was completely incorrect and the pen was more like $3500 which all things considered is a pretty good price for a limited run pen where only around 85 or so pieces were sold. It’s also a super attractive pen which helps justify the price. I was crushed and quickly tried to figure out which other pen I liked and could afford. 

The seller had a Lucky 8 for a really good price but I hadn’t sold enough of my pens to pay for it so I spent the Friday of the pen show peddling old pens and inks I no longer wanted and researched the pen. In doing this research I found a seller had new pens on clearance on but only shipped in the UK. The pen was several hundred dollars below the good price in DC so I thought I’d ask the seller to match it. 

The seller told me no way–at that price he would lose money on it. He gave me his best price and I told him is think about it. I still had to sell more pens. 

And while I was selling I thought about that Amazon UK seller. I have friends in Belfast but I’d feel like a pain asking them to forward the package so I started looking into shipping forwarders and found Borderlinx. They give you an address in the UK, USA and Germany and you only pay when you forward on the package. They were well rated so I went for it. Also the DC pen sold for full price while I was investigating this. Great for the seller and the buyer got a beautiful pen. I had to wait for mine. 

But not long at all. I had a delivery attempt the Friday after the show. That means it took five business days to be shipped to Borderlinx and for them to forward it to me with DHL. It came in the same massive shipping packaging Parker used to send to distributors. Very well packed and the most hardcore overdone packaging of any pen ever. 

The pen is beautiful faceted smoked black acrylic that shimmers in the light. The eight facets tie into the lucky 8 theme. Parker was founded in 1888 and the pen celebrates 120 years in 2008. It also has a retro looking single cap band with arrows and raised lettering for Parker and Duofold. It was a numbered limited edition of 3888 pieces. 

The nib only comes in medium but a glorious and smooth writing medium it is. It also has a plain arrow design of the MKI Duofolds but instead of block caps for Parker it has a stylized 1920s logo. Nice special touch. 

Cartridge converter and comes with a bottle of Lucky 8 ink. (Black Quink with a special label) It also comes in an eight sided presentation box made of wood with a piano finish. Makes it a bit heavy. 

I adore this pen but noticed it is ageing a little strangely. The acrylic is shrinking at different rates do the patterns of swirls leave little lines on the facets. It almost looks like lacquer drip marks. You only really notice when looking closely and turning it in light. I don’t mind it. 

So that’s my pen! I wrote this in the car as we come back from a wedding in Montreal so sorry if it isn’t my best work. Thanks for stopping by!

It may not be a Lucky 8 but there are some great deals on Parker Duofold Centennials at Pen Chalet.


  1. Michael Simon

    Beautiful pen; thanks for all the pics. Appreciate the interesting story how you acquired it. Glad to have your posts back and running. Know you’ve been busy–seen you in Instgram pics from shows.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks Michael–glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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