Parker Duofold Centennial Pearl Grey, MKII

This is the pen that made me feel like I won the pen show. Let me explain…

As you may remember from my last post about the Lucky 8 Duofold, I had planned on getting a bumblebee Duofold but due to price decided to get the Lucky 8 but because I ended up buying it online to save money it meant that I had no Duofold to show off to my friends at the show. It also meant that I had saved money and should probably get another Duofold….

I went from table to table asking if they had any Centennials. You see I have low vision and can’t identify pens from a distance. One fellow said no but pointed me to a table telling me that he had many. I walked up and asked if he had any and after he said yes I asked if he had a Pearl Grey and he pointed me to this pen. 🙂

The asking price was quite good but I still got about 10% off it. It’s always worth haggling at these shows which make for some pretty good deals. 

The reason this pen is such a great find is the relative scarcity of it. Pearl & Black pens are much more common as they are available in MKI, MKII and MKIII models while the Pearl Grey was only made for a few years in the MKII era. I also love the look of this material. It looks so much richer and classier if that makes any sense. I’ve also never seen one for a good price. 

So I paid and walked off with the pen. I assumed it would be a medium nib but didn’t really care. While showing it to a friend she told me it looked pretty broad and confirmed that it looked uninked. She told me it had an 85 on the feed. I couldn’t remember but thought it might be extra broad. I was right. Woohoo!

I got a mint unused Pearl Grey Centennial with an extra broad nib! A rareish pen with a rareish nib with all the tipping!! Yaaaaayyyyy!!

So yep, great nib and great pen with all the qualities of the Parker Duofold Centennial that I enjoy. There was only one strange thing I discovered about the pen. The barrel and cap are somewhat textured. I suppose it’s how the material is ageing but the black veins on the pen are slightly recessed. Really strange–I was sad to think my pen was defective. I had an idea though. 

I reached out to an Instagram friend with a collection of Duofolds and he confirmed his Pearl Grey and even his Black and Pearl had the same texture. He hadn’t realized even before I asked. (Oops) –and since he bought his new when they were made he confirmed it is something that developed over time. I also could find no accounts of this anywhere on the Internet. Strange. I would have thought the modern acrylics were more stable but I guess not. I also confirmed my Pearl & Black pens have the same issue though not as much. Interesting. 

So that’s it. Thanks for stopping by!

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