Edison Glenmont Pump Filler in Tibaldi Celluloid

I seriously can’t get enough of this Tibaldi celluloid. It’s super pretty stuff and I of course jumped at the chance to add another pen using this material to my collection. 

You may recall I have Newton Orville in Tibaldi that I absolutely adore. Well my friend Karlo put this pen up for sale and I couldn’t resist. He had had it made with a few others in a small group buy of Edison pens using this material that they had provided. This material is getting pretty sparse these days so a chance to get a pen made with it should not be missed. 

The celluloid on this pen is paired beautifully with black ebonite for the section, blind cap and finial. Gold plated clip matches the gorgeous solid 18k broad #6 JoWo nib.  The overall aesthetic is gorgeous and the ebonite section makes for a warm feel in the fingers when writing. 

I like the shape of the Glenmont as a tapered flat-top. Somewhat streamlined and modern but the big flat finial makes me think of hard rubber pens from the 20s. The shape works here but also in Cumberland ebonite as you can see in my 2014 LEE Glenmont which incidentally is a cartridge / converter pen. 

This pen is a pump filler and uses a brass pump modelled after the Parker Vacumatic and uses the same latex diaphragms. To see how this filler works my Edison Menlo review video has a demonstration and the ink view window shows how the pen fills. 

Since the pump uses a latex diaphragm it is advisable to avoid super saturated boutique inks that may react with the latex causing it to fail. For this reason I’m going to treat it like a vintage pen and only feed it Waterman ink. Great colours but super inert. 

The pump filler means this pen has quite a large ink capacity and that suits the wet broad nib fitted in this pen. It is buttery smooth and an absolute joy to write with. This is also helped by the hourglass shape of the section–super comfy. 

That’s about it for this week. Check out the Edison website to see more Glenmonts in pretty materials available for purchase. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Brian Gray

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      My pleasure! How could I not–such a beauty. 🙂

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