Edison Collier 2015 Black Rose LE

Another fabulous Edison pen for you today. The Collier is a fan favourite and I’ve been eyeing the persimmon swirl acrylic for years and recently the blue steel acrylic. Beautiful pens but I could not resist this 2015 LE in black rose acrylic. 

The Collier is an oversize pen in the production line meaning you can get it from various retailers for an MSRP of $150 USD with a steel number six JoWo nib. The standard colours are beautiful but this LE is something special. Really luxurious. 100 pieces were made and distributed among the retailers. I got mine from Wonder Pens here in Toronto. 

I chose a steel broad nib but upgraded it to a double broad 18k gold nib while at the DC show this year. It’s super smooth but perhaps a bit dry. As mentioned in the video I was asked how I liked the nib and I didn’t really test it thoroughly. My fault. I’ll have the tines opened up a bit to increase flow the next time I visit a nibmeister. It writes really well but more like a medium broad than double broad. 

The pen is cartridge / converter filled and with a bit of silicone grease on the threads it can be eye dropper filled. Due to the size it would have massive capacity as an eye dropper pen. 

The pen is not designed to be posted but it is so large it doesn’t need posting anyhow. The section has the usual Edison contoured waist which maybe feels a bit relatively small in this big pen but it’s very comfortable and many would call this a feature. 

Thanks for reading. What’s your favourite  Collier finish?

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