Montblanc Arturo Toscanini Donation Pen

And BAM! Just like that here’s another review submitted for your consideration. This time we’re looking at a Montblanc I recently picked up used at a Toronto Pen Posse meet up.

Do you take part in a pen meet-up of any kind? Be sure to check out the clubs section in the forum on FPN and get out there and meet some local and like-minded folks. Great way to get more involved in the hobby and meet some really nice folks while you’re at it. It’s also great because you can combine your purchasing power and use group buys to save some money.

Anyway the previous owner wanted rid of this pen and had brought it to a meet up. It was also inked with Alfred Hitchcock red ink and when I put that buttery smooth broad nib to paper I knew I had to have this pen. It writes so well and offers some subtle line variation as the generous tipping material has a certain stubbish shape to it. I also discovered it has a little flex to it too. Great nib.
The filling system is an integrated telescopic piston likely identical to that of the Meisterstück 146 LeGrand. The pen is comparable in size and heft like other donation pens and many of the writers series. The piston should come out with the little custom piston wrench I bought off an FPN member. I’m also thinking I may have to do that soon as it’s a little stiff. I’ll have to get in there with some silicone grease.
The trim is all platinum plated and has pays homage to the pen’s namesake. Arturo Toscanini was a famous conductor that started his musical career as a cellist–hence the cello strings / tailpiece clip. His birth and death years along with his signature are engraved in the centre band. It all adds up to a very aesthetically pleasing design.

In the video I confused him a bit with composer Antonin Dvorak. Oops. Here’s the press release about the pen when it was launched.


  1. Pentulant

    Another great review. Love the line variation you get from that nib.

    How does the new lavender compare with the old?

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks Christine! Great nib for sure. Haven’t done a side by side but the colour seems the same. It’s a lovely purple ink


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