Edison Double Ended Pearl

Ok, I’m on staycation and back from a wedding weekend in Montreal. I’ve got a bit of free time before doing chores so I present my final D. C. Pen Show purchase. Well, it was a trade actually–but this is the last show related post. 

These double ended pens became a bit of a craze after Brian of Edison Pens posted this. Many of my friends and pen pals got these made and raved about them. It was something I had considered but hadn’t got around to actually pulling the trigger on one until a friend of mine decided to sell hers. 

So these are signature line pens and are $350 USD with two steel nibs. My friend had decided to sell hers so I agreed to try and sell it for her on the Thursday of the show but had no takers. After staring at it all day I decided to try to get it for a trade and offered up my Pelikan Café Crème with a 14k Binderized OBB nib in it. It was a deal that made both of us happy as that Pelikan was too small for me. 

So what did I get? The pen has a transparent amber barrel, cappuccino swirl acrylic sections and caps and a pair of broad two tone steel nibs. I had thought of switching both for 18k BB nibs at the show but decided against it after trying these nibs. They are perfect for now and I may upgrade later. 

The pen is absolutely beautiful and I’m in love with the swirly resin. Fit and finish are perfect as with any of my other Edison pens. The pen caps are a bug shorter than regular Pearl caps and this allows the pen to not be freakishly long when in use. It is well balanced and everyone who has tried it marvels at how functional the design is. 

The smooth and juicy nibs are fed by eye dropper filled ink chambers that I believe hold a little more than 1ml each. No c/c option here but that’s part of the magic with this pen. Fill with an eye dropper or syringe with a bit of silicone grease on the section threads and you’re good to go. 

I’m very happy to have this pen and it is a welcome addition to my collection. Any other double ended fans out there?


  1. mishie

    love mine, Gerald. it’s fun to have different nibs and different colours

  2. Brian Gray

    Thanks for posting! Enjoy!

  3. Thomas Hall

    I’m obviously very partial to them. Glad you’re enjoying yours!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers Thomas. 🙂

  4. Rachel

    So glad you’re loving the pen! You could totally have a roll-stop put on the pen, if you so desire. I had inquired about a different cap for one end, which was a no-go. Great review! 🙂

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      I adore it, thanks Rachel! I had thought about a roll stop but actually I enjoy it as it is and I think the only things I may change in future are the nibs. 🙂


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