Bexley Gaston’s Exclusive

Hey my friends, thanks for paying me a visit! I’ve got something a little special for you today so I hope you enjoy it. This pen was made in 2001 exclusively for a Bexley collector called Jim Gaston who happened to be a pretty big fan of broad nibs. Sound like anyone you know? 😀

After Jim’s passing a number of these pens were acquired by Vanness Pens and put up for sale in their shop and on their site. All pens have broad nibs and are/were available in three colours–ruby, blue, and woodgrain. The super special thing about these pens is that they have AMAZING 18k Waterman LeMan 100 Ideal globe broad nibs on them. More about that when I talk about the pen’s performance.

I got the blue one which is in a lovely blue marble somewhat similar to that used by Parker for the blue marble Duofolds in 1987. The blue is currently sold out but at the time of writing this the ruby and woodgrain are both still available. (Get them while you can!) The blue marble is flanked by black stepped finial and end piece on the barrel. It’s a large pen with subtle curved tapers. It has a nice thick gold plated center band on the cap and a gold plated ball washer clip. Nice and retro looking.

The nib unit is all Waterman and actually designed for a pen with a snap cap that clutches onto a ring near the nib–hence the ring is really big. Bexley decided to make this a screw cap pen so that big ring is decorative only now. The nib unit also has a rubber gasket on it to have a secure fit with the LeMan body and on this pen gives quite a bit of resistance when screwing the nib unit into the barrel. Slightly unpleasant but I imagine I could cut or scrape the o-ring off if it really bothered me.

The nib is fed with a Waterman proprietary converter and can use Waterman cartridges as well. Not much to say there–it works. The nib itself is the star of the show here though–it’s truly fantastic. Super broad and super wet–it just dumps a magnificent line on the page. If you like juicy broads, you need one of these pens–go buy it now!

That’s about it–great pen and a FANTASTIC price for a bench made pen with an 18k nib. These pens are really something special. Thanks for reading!


  1. Andrew Coon

    I just bought one. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      My pleasure. It’s a winner for sure. Hope you love it!

  2. Michael Simon

    Thanks for helping me better understand the Gaston Bexley pens.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Cheers Mike. Happy to oblige. 🙂


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