Pelikan M1000

This pen is such a classic and I just had to have one. I’ve been watching prices and hunting for a bargain and got one at a great price from Cult Pens. I couldn’t resist. 

Since shooting the above video a few weeks ago I’ve been using this pen non-stop and I have to say this nib is absolutely magnificent. I adore this pen and am sure I will always have it or one like it in my collection. 

I like big pens and this is the biggest in the Pelikan Souverän line. I only wish it was available in a wider variety of finishes. Oh well–classic green stripe for me. It is a classic look for sure and the pen is a modern and larger representation of Pelikan 400 pens from the 1950s. 

The piston is brass and can be removed for cleaning and greasing like the M800 and you can use the TWSBI wrench to accomplish this. Between the green stripes are little clear stripes so you can see your ink level. The capacity is great and the reservoir and feed provide a generous supply of ink to the nib. 

That nib. It’s wonderful. 18k and large with quite a bit of bounce. I went with the broad of course and I can’t get enough of it. It can be unscrewed along with the feed out of the section to be changed or to grease the piston. There used to be a 3B nib available for this pen but was discontinued years ago. I hope to find one someday. 

And that’s about it. I love this pen. I just wish I could get one in white tortoise or vibrant blue or something a little prettier than green stripe, plain black or demonstrator. There are many raden limited edition versions of this pen but I’m not a fan of raden or urushi.  What about you? What finish would you like to see?

This pen is also available at a great price from Pen Chalet. It is on sale right now as I write this. 


  1. MyPenNeedsInk

    I’m with you on this one Gerald. I settled for boring all black, mostly because of price. I spent alot of postage and waiting trying to get the nib right but I have really loved it ever since. I really had no idea I could take it apart myself for servicing. The piston is a bit tight on mine.

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Yep–TWSBI wrench and bob’s your uncle. Guess I lucked out with my nib. It’s dreamy. 🙂


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