Parker Duofold Centennial MKII Black Mosaic ST

First pen review of the year and it’s a Parker Duofold! I guess you have all figured out by now that my collection is getting rather focussed on these Centennials and I’m pretty ok with that. I’m getting to the point where it’s quality over quantity and I know what I like. I can appreciate all the other pens but feel little desire to own them. 

This is what I like and I’m super happy to be finally adding a mosaic Duofold to my collection. As stated in the video the gorgeous blue and red mosaic pens were only released in International size. I wonder if it was a limitation of the available acrylic rods used for this series. For the centennial the black is the only option but a stunning one at that. 

I got this pen at the recent Philly Pen Show and it was the first of two purchases at the show. Shortly after arriving on the Friday afternoon I did a quick pass looking for Centennials and not really seeing any. Since it was really the only thing I was looking for I figured I might go home empty handed. Having a very focussed collection makes pen shows less of an overwhelming barrage of temptation– that is until I found the guy with the table full of Duofolds. 

He had a black mosaic on display and while I was looking at it he produced a sealed black mosaic from under his table. That’s when I felt the need to open my wallet start to take over. I told him I’d think about it as it was less than an hour after arriving. I went to the hotel bar for a drink with some pen pals and before I had finished the pint I was back on the show floor making a deal. 

So very happy with this pen. New old stock limited run from 2003, this pen came in a beautiful special presentation box with included converter and five ink cartridges. 

The pen has rhodium plated trim and a medium two-tone nib. This is a MKII so the nib and cap medallion have the banner logo stamped on them. Interestingly the cap medallion is all silver coloured relief where my gold trim MKII pens have a black background for more contrast. 

The mosaic material was apparently made through some sort of modern computer controlled bonding process that makes for the intricate patterns. It’s really pretty material with nice depth and chatoyance. 

The converter works well and the nib writes perfectly. Great pen for long writing sessions with a classy yet flashy look making it good for formal situations. 

These pens can be still found online from a few retailers as new old stock and I highly recommend picking one up. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Denise Skafica

    Beautiful pen! I have a Duofold International from the ’90s, marbled maroon, 18K nib that I love. I haven’t thrown out the box, it’s too nice. Your’s is even nicer, I wouldn’t toss it!

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Thanks Denise. I’ll keep that in mind. Wait until you see another box in future review–like a suitcase!

      I purged my boxes last year including some wooden boxes. This mosaic is pretty nice though.


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