Parker Duofold Norman Rockwell LE

Here we go! Something really special today–the most over-the-top pen packaging I have ever laid hands on. The crazy part is I think this pen is awesome enough to justify it. Have a look. 

So as I mentioned in the video, I initially got a Norman Rockwell at the Philly Pen Show and that pen ended up being damaged so I returned it. The seller had given me some nice background on the pen though. He mentioned the Norman Rockwell estate had very high standards and expectations that needed to be met to get the needed licensing. As I talk about the details it will hopefully become clear how special this pen is. 

The tie-in with Rockwell comes from mid-20th century advertising illustrated by Rockwell. The images are super charming and four prints are included with this limited run of 3500 pens marking the 75th anniversary of the Duofold in 1996. 

The material is quite stunning and based on the early Moderne Pearl and Black Duofolds that had fish scales in the resin. This modern interpretation will hopefully prove to be more stable. It’s really striking and no two pens are alike. The material is slightly translucent. 

There are three cap bands of solid 18k gold and the section bands and end cap bands are also solid gold–eight  bands in all. The medallion in the cap is also die stamped in 18k gold. There is just under six grams of gold in this pen giving it a bit of extra heft and some serious scrap value If I ever get tired of it and want to melt it all down. 😛 Hallmarks for the gold rings are on the section band where it meets the barrel. That said, make sure if you buy one of these it has the correct nib unit with the hallmarks. 

Norman Rockwell’s signature is engraved / printed on the cap and the gold cap medallion with Rockwell’s pipe smoking profile is repeated in a brass medallion in the fiddleback maple box. Attention to detail is absolutely over the top. 

The four included prints are numbered with the same LE number as the pen. Mine is 2494 out of 3500. They are really nice prints that I hope to frame one day. 

I’ll definitely keep the giant leather box this pen came in. It’s so big but definitely does a good job of making this LE seem really special. 

What do you think? Do you know of any pen packaging more epic than this?


  1. joel serrahn

    Gerald, first, kudos to you on recieving such wonderful pieces…SBRE Brown did a review of the Conway Stewart Winston a while back, and he Parker presentation is right up there with it..”nice stuff Leonard” is what I say, and its not over the top, to some it may seem so, but you get alot of nice little things with your new mercedes too!!😉

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Oh yeah! The cigar and quote book! 🙂 definitely on par. Yeah I like it but am thankful it’s not too common. I struggle with discarding packaging as it is.


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