Parker Premier Luxury Brown PGT

Boxing Day pen!! I realize quite a lot of time has passed since Boxing Day but that will make more sense as I tell you the story of this pen. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of Joe and stay a while!

So you may have figured out by now that I live in Toronto and my wife is from Montreal and every Xmas we go there to spend it with my lovely mother in law. 🙂 it also means Boxing Day shopping at Stylo. In past years I got the Graf von Faber-Castell Ivory Intuition there and then the Parker Duofold Ivorine. This year a sale on this Parker Premier caught my eye. 

Now the sale wasn’t as good a deal as I had got on other pens from Stylo but the discount was enough that I didn’t feel like I was overpaying with full MSRP. I’ve also been wanting a Premier for quite a while–pretty much since they came out. This Luxury Brown rubbery soft lacquer finish with pink gold trim is the one that totally grabbed my attention and needed to come home with me. 

The retail experience was a little disappointing this time as the salesman didn’t take enough care to give me the correct box for my pen so that when I got back to my MIL’s house I sadly discovered I had no ink cartridges for my new pen. 

When I went back to the store I had a frustrating experience with a different salesperson who gave me quite a bit of pushback as I tried to get the situation corrected. No idea why that had to be so difficult. That store lost quite a few points in my book that day. All I wanted to do was be able to use my new pen while on Xmas vacation!

Anyway, on to the pen!

The Premier was around in the time of the Parker 75 and is like a premium version of that pen in a way. It was discontinued when the 75 was replaced by the Sonnet in the 1990s and after the Parker 100 was discontinued in 2004 the Premier was reintroduced to take the 100’s spot in the Parker lineup between the Sonnet and the Duofold lines. It’s bigger than the Sonnet but smaller than the Duofold but heavier than both. 

Heavier because of the all metal construction. It’s a snap cap pen made out of (I’m guessing) brass that has been lacquered with this wonderful brown soft rubber stuff. You honestly have to touch one of these pens. It feels really magical. No idea whatsoever how durable this finish is but I’ll do my best to take good care of it. The pink gold line pattern and plated trims are a really nice compliment to the rich brown. Using the word Luxury to describe this pen seems appropriate. 

And I love the design overall. The pattern of the lines makes me think of Star Wars droids for some reason. The nib design is very Art Deco and retro looking. I also enjoy the stacked coin finials that are definitely a nod to the heritage of the line and are borrowed from original Premiers and 75s. 

My only complaint isn’t really a complaint of mine–it is a complaint of others. The snap cap apparently wears out rather quickly and stops the pen from closing securely. (Edit: the 2017 redesign of the Premier has a threaded cap solving this problem) I’ll definitely be keeping a look out for that. Luckily Parker has a lifetime warranty and fabulous after-sales service. 

Speaking of, that is why this review took so long. I sent it to Parker Canada to switch the medium nib to broad as part of the nib exchange program and they forwarded the pen to France and back. It meant a month without my pen but well worth it to get the nib I wanted. 

And what a nib! Great flow and feel. It’s got a nice size to it and no breather hole. The slit is rather short too but this is of course not designed to flex and ink / air interchange seem to work well. The nib is fed by a Parker proprietary cartridge or converter. 

The nib and feed fit into a shiny metal section that will likely explain the polishing cloth that came with the pen. I’m not a fan of shiny metal sections generally but I think I hate this one the least out of all I used. The shape and thickness of it must be why. 

There are some other interesting finishes in the Premier line like the all black stealthy one with ruthenium trim. I might be tempted to expand my collection after this first foray. Nice pen.  

What do you think? Are you a fan?

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