Parker Duofold Centennial MKIII Lapis Lazuli

This pen is from the 2015 Historical Colours series of which I also have an Ivorine with a medium nib. This is not to be confused with the MKII Lapis Lazuli from around the turn of the millennium or the late 2016 redesign. Guess I have to buy those too. Yes, I have too many Duofolds. 

This pen was something of an impulse purchase on New Year’s Eve. There was a 17% off promo code for La Couronne du Comte in the Netherlands and I couldn’t resist the deal. The pen had already been reduced to clearance price and the discount on top made it a real bargain. 

I got an email telling me that unfortunately they were out of stock and would try to order another from Parker to fulfill my order. :-/ I told them I’d be happy with a fine nib if they had it as I’d just be sending to Parker for their nib exchange program and they told me they’d save a step and order it with the nib I wanted. Extra extra broad. 😀

It took a bit of time and when my order finally shipped I noticed their web shop had been updated with the late 2016 redesign. I was hoping a little bit that this was the pen I got since the historical colours series was out of production but nope, Parker found one and that’s totally ok. An awesome pen and the one I ordered after all. You might hear a tiny bit of disappointment in my voice on the video but then I inked it…

What a nib!! I put an extra extra broad nib in my Citrine Duofold and am over the moon to have another in my collection. Truly magnificent–love how it writes. Super juicy and like a big 18k gold paintbrush or sharpie. Perfection!

(Edit: pic is wrong. Ink is actually Bung Box 4B)

Everything else is all the stuff I’ve written a dozen or more times. Perfect fit and finish, size, weight and balance. The pen uses no black acrylic trim making which is a feature of the historical colours release. The section is the perfect size and shape and the included converter works perfectly. 

There’s a reason the Duofold Centennial is my favourite pen–many reasons actually. What else can I say? I love this pen. Hope you’re not getting tired of these Duofold reviews. I’ve got at least one more coming soon. 🙂


  1. Brian Kott

    Gerald, I have the same pen with the same nib. I love it too. If you recall you got me back into Duofolds. Thanks.
    All the best
    Brian Kott

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Fantastic! Glad I could help! 😀


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